Tottenham Draws Millwall in FA Cup Quarter-finals

February 18th 2017, The Den, Millwall, London England; FA Cup 5th Round football, Millwall versus Leicester City; The stadium pre-game (Photo by Chakir Dahmani/Action Plus via Getty Images)
February 18th 2017, The Den, Millwall, London England; FA Cup 5th Round football, Millwall versus Leicester City; The stadium pre-game (Photo by Chakir Dahmani/Action Plus via Getty Images) /

Tottenham are two matches away from reaching the FA Cup final, with Millwall standing in front of the Premier League club and a semi-finals appearance at Wembley Stadium.

Shortly after Manchester United beat Blackburn Rovers 2-1 at Ewood Park yesterday, the FA Cup quarter-finals draw took place with Tottenham getting yet another favorable match-up.

This is Spurs’ fourth favorable draw in the competition which has come off the heels of Aston Villa (third round), Wycombe Wanderers (fourth round) and Fulham (fifth round).

With five Premier League clubs left in the final eight (Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Man United and Arsenal) one more could join Spurs and company if Manchester City beats Huddersfield Town in a replay.

Even without counting Man City for now, once the semi-finals begins, it’s only a matter of time before Tottenham will be forced to draw a Premier League club as their opponent.

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The only time that Spurs had to play their absolute best so far in this cup competition was having to come back twice against Wycombe in a seven-goal thriller with Tottenham edging out their League Two opponents late in stoppage time.

Of course, thinking about who Spurs will potentially face off in the seventh round is in the future, right now Spurs have to face Millwall on March 11th. Just 19 days away.

At the moment the Lions currently sit in seventh place in League One. A spot below Southend United who occupies the final playoff spot due to goal difference.

While both Tottenham and Millwall’s positions at their respective league tables will be subject to change leading up to their FA Cup match, it’s clear that this is a game that is winnable for Spurs. Even if Mauricio Pochettino is a firm believer that no match is easy to win in the FA Cup.

Still, there’s reason to believe that another London derby for Spurs couldn’t help them.

When it comes to London derbies, Tottenham shows up. Yesterday against Fulham is proof that these are fixtures that Spurs don’t want to lose.

Not to mention that Spurs will host Millwall at White Hart Lane. Spurs are unbeaten at home this season (13 games in all competitions).

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This is why Spurs have the edge at the moment in this cup tie. They feel like they’re back to winning ways, they are still in the hunt for a Premier League title and are one match away from returning to the Europa League’s Round of 16.

As for Millwall, according to Lions manager Neil Harris, he won’t take Tottenham for granted after the draw was announced yesterday.

Even with FA Cup wins over Bouremouth, Watford and Leciester have seen Millwall claim three Premier League clubs’ scalps in succession, Harris said that Spurs are on “another level”.

“It’s a cracking draw for everyone associated with this football club,” Neil Harris told Millwall’s official website (quotes provided by the Evening Standard).

“The players have had the opportunity to test themselves against some of the best Premier League teams in the previous three rounds but in many ways this is another level altogether.”

“Spurs are a fantastic side and this gives my players a chance to see how they can compete with some truly outstanding footballers.”

Although a visit to White Hart Lane will be a memorable occasion, Millwall can’t look towards the future just yet. They’re currently fighting for a playoff spot in the hopes of securing one of three available promotion spots come May.

“White Hart Lane is a fantastic stadium, a great place to play football, and it’s a tie we’re very much looking forward to,” Neil Harris added.

“But we can’t look beyond what is to come between now and then, which starts with a hugely important league game against Chesterfield at The Den on Tuesday night.”

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Expect to see more news, previews and lineups leading up to the FA Cup quarter-finals match on March 11th between Tottenham and Millwall at White Hart Lane.