Will Daniel Levy’s Transfer Tactics Hurt Spurs?

Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy during a visit to the Qatar's ASPIRE Academy. // March 13, 2012 -- Picture by Vinod Divakaran of Doha Stadium Plus Qatar
Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy during a visit to the Qatar's ASPIRE Academy. // March 13, 2012 -- Picture by Vinod Divakaran of Doha Stadium Plus Qatar /

Can Spurs’ chairman continue doing his transfer shenanigans?

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Transfer windows are fun and exasperating at the same time. But for Spurs supporters, the latter is more true than the former. While Daniel Levy has his good charms with regards to selling players — the deadwood — acquiring talent is something he’s marginally good at, if we’re being honest.

Signing players throughout Europe, there aren’t any problems. Recent seasons have seen Hugo Lloris, Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen, Mousa Dembélé and Nacer Chadli prove to be great signings at low prices. At the same time though, Levy has whiffed on signing “cheap alternatives” which became duds: Benjamin Stambouli, Étienne Capoue, Federico Fazio, Roberto Soldado, Érik Lamela and Vlad Chiricheș. A majority of them were signed during these past two summers.

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Interestingly enough, when Daniel Levy has to enter into transfer negotiations with Premier League clubs there is one constant issue — Daniel Levy himself. Which is ironic, considering that Mauricio Pochettino has a few players that he wants on his squad who already play in England but can’t get them due to the other clubs’ reluctance to deal with Tottenham now.

A great read by the Telegraph discusses what Southampton, Manchester United, West Brom and West Ham think about Daniel Levy and how he handles Spurs’ transfer negotiations for buying players. Of course Swansea City recently had no problems with Ben Davies and Michel Vorm, but that looks more like an aberration than anything else. Selling players across England isn’t a problem either, buying is.

Perhaps if Daniel Levy can begin talks early in July and close the deals within a week or two, things will go much better for both clubs involved?

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Trying to describe his transfer tactics is hard to do as no one really knows what his thinking is outside of the most obvious.

Start bidding at a low price > get rejected > increase offer a little bit > rinse and repeat > annoy club who won’t sell to Spurs anymore. It’s unknown if Spurs will be able to do any deals with West Brom for Saido Berahino moving forward.

As for Southampton and Victor Wanyama? The Saints tend to do business with Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool instead. All three clubs which have more money to spend than Spurs could possibly offer and then some.

For Spurs to break this recurring theme of not being able to work out an agreement with Premier League clubs, Daniel Levy must submit a fair first time offer for a player. A good example, recently, was Leicester City’s £12 million bid for Charlie Austin this summer. Now while the bid was £3 million short of QPR’s value for their striker and ultimately rejected. The Foxes could have continued negotiations and their second offer — if it was exactly £15 million — would have been accepted within a matter of days, only assuming that QPR would still accept.

Come this January it’ll be interesting to see which clubs Spurs talk to in order to sign new players. Will it be throughout England or across Europe? Will Daniel Levy continue to seek out deadline deals or decide to shake things up and sign players early in the transfer window like this summer which everyone saw and praised?

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