Should Tottenham Forgive Adebayor?

Adebayor plays for Tottenham
Adebayor plays for Tottenham /

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Harry Kane is just one man. He is an extremely talented striker, but will be subject to human weaknesses of fatigue, injury and sickness. As such, Tottenham clearly will need someone else to play up top. While I think there are better options elsewhere in the squad, the most proven solution would be the reintroduction of Emmanuel Adebayor. The question is: can the enigmatic, Ju Ju ridden forward be trusted?

There is no question that Ade has the talent to lead the line for a top four side. It was only 18 months ago that he was scoring goals aplenty after Tim Sherwood brought him back from André Villas-Boas exile. He showed good energy up top and matched it with clinical finishing that made him unstoppable for a brief run of games. Unfortunately, that form disappeared as quickly as it appeared and Adebayor’s form dipped to unplayable levels.

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So what happened to the Tottenham forward? He would have you believe that he was emotionally overcome by family troubles, lack of faith from Pochettino and even mystical Ju Ju. I have a different view. I don’t think Adebayor is capable of performing at a high level for an extended period of time at his age. Given his checkered past it’s highly questionable whether or not he ever had the ability to be consistent. I can’t tell you for sure whether or not his inability to maintain form is mental or physical, but at this point it’s an irrefutable fact.

Those in favor of Adebayor’s reintroduction to the side correctly point out that we do not need him to perform at a high level for an extended period of time. If Kane is fortunate enough to avoid significant injury then we would just need Ade to play at a high level for brief stretches off the bench and for the occasional low profile start. This seems like a challenge that the inconsistent, high paid, Adebayor could overcome.

I admit that it is possible that Adebayor could summon up the physical energy and mental focus to bridge the gap at striker until reinforcements can be purchased in January. It might even be a 50/50 proposition. Sounds great right? Like something that’s definitely worth a go.

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Only it isn’t worth the risk. Playing Adebayor in any meaningful role risks undermining Pochettino’s five year project at Tottenham. His inclusion in the team would do serious damage to the other players in several ways. Perhaps the most damning potential impact would be for his bad attitude to infect young members of the team. Can you imagine a worse role model for impressionable young talents like Clinton N’jie or Dele Alli? It would be like letting Dennis Rodman raise your toddlers or bringing John Terry in to teach a racial sensitivity seminar. It’s just a terrible idea.

His involvement on the field would also rob young players of experience they desperately need to develop. I’d rather see N’jie baptized by fire at striker than watch Adebayor lope around. Would playing Ade likely lead us to a few extra points if Kane is sidelined? Yes, but those few points wouldn’t be worth the stunting of of our  young player’s growth. We would be well served to take the short term hit for the greater long term gain.

I am resigned to the fact that Emmanuel Adebayor will turn up in our squad like a bad penny if Kane so much as sneezes the wrong way. The man will be a cancer to our team until his contract mercifully runs out. I cannot wait for that day because he is a player that just can’t be trusted.

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