Tottenham Dispatched to the Bottom Through Four Games

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Competition Throughout England and Europe

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With the competitive landscape of the Premier League at an all time high, teams like Swansea, Crystal Palace, West Ham, etc., it’s easy to say that week in and week out, nothing is for certain. You throw in the tough group stage that is the Europa League and it hits you, that quality of depth is something that should be advised, considering that clubs are trying to push for a top four finish as well.

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When you factor in that the winner of the competition subsequently qualifies for Champions League automatically, it’s wise to compete both domestically and in Europe to maximize your chances of reaching the Champions League. Regarding the UEFA coefficient ranking, Spurs are currently ranked third among the other Europa League outfits. Because of this, Spurs got put in a tough group stage, but hey, what are you going to do since it’s a random draw to begin with.

Nonetheless, as little as the ranking means on paper, or to the general public even, that is how the union views them.  It’s not the class or tier that many of us would of hoped for by now, but still, it is respectable and deserved.

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