Tottenham Dispatched to the Bottom Through Four Games

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Defensive Midfield Transfer Rumors

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Sven Bender’s name has been thrown around before, but new manager Thomas Tuchel seems keen to keep him around as surplus from the Klopp regime.  Victor Wanyama, admittingly, wants to make the move to North London and reunite with his former manager, but is having trouble breaking away from the mitts of Ronald Koeman, who insists that no player is for sale a la Morgan Schneiderlin.

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One name I would love to see worked in with all this speculation is Alex Song.  Sure, his form fell off after Boxing Day last year, along with the rest of West Ham, but the thought of Song crossing the divide and playing for Tottenham spices things up just a bit in North London.  Continuing to be marginalized in Barcelona, his experience would be vital to the youth movement that Pochettino is incorporating.

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