Tottenham Dispatched to the Bottom Through Four Games

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Tottenham’s Youths Shows Off

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Regardless of claiming their first clean sheet of the new campaign last week, many still believe another piece is needed to help reassure the already competitive central defense. Eric Dier continues to get his feet wet in a position he was already somewhat familiar with from his time playing in Portugal, while Ryan Mason hasn’t figured out how to finish and yet could make his own case as being Spurs’ most influential player up to this point, four games into the season.

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Nabil Bentaleb meanwhile looks to earn his way out of the Argentine’s doghouse having made his first start since week one, putting in a very impressive performance after inking a new five-year deal over the summer.  You also have 19-year-old Dele Alli, who unlike Bentaleb and Dier, looks to get forward, finding space in attack similar to that of Ryan Mason.  At the very least, with the squad rotation of the four mentioned above  just might suffice all things considered, at least until the next transfer window reopens and Spurs are looking for more reinforcements.

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