Tottenham Dispatched to the Bottom Through Four Games

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Recapping Tottenham’s season so far and looking forward.

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One word felt by many fans of Tottenham Hotspur early in the season.

As it is every year, this early in the campaign, with about 1/16th of the season gone, you get the feeling that the top four is still within reach for Tottenham despite their slow start. You feel as though Chelsea, defending champions, are bound to lay an egg this season and with two early losses, perhaps it’s happening already.

For both Manchester clubs, Man City have yet to concede a goal and look ready to win a treble at their current form, whereas Man United will either make it to the top four or miss out completely. Over on the red half of North London, Arsenal will remain stagnant, which isn’t bad, but finishing third or fourth is a step backwards.

With regards to Liverpool, they will keep afloat around the top seven, just like Tottenham has for the past few seasons. These top six clubs will always remain the same, but their positions obviously change yearly. For Tottenham, you get the sense of hope, but with that hope, you relinquish torture — torture that after a while, eventually starts to feel good; accepted by everyone as a rallying cry.

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