Where Will Tottenham Finish Next Season?

Jul 29, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Tottenham Hotspur players react after the 2015 MLS All Star Game against the MLS All Stars at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. MLS All Stars won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 29, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Tottenham Hotspur players react after the 2015 MLS All Star Game against the MLS All Stars at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. MLS All Stars won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports /

Last season Tottenham finished 5th, what about next season?

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Based on Tottenham’s recent history over the past few years, one thing is clear, Spurs finish within the top seven. While not bad, it’s not good either. A lot of breaks have to go their way to crack into the top-four but they’re slowly closing the gap.

How will Tottenham do following their fifth place finish a season ago?

Tottenham are a Consistent Club

Look no further than the past eight seasons dating back to their last championship, the 2008 League Cup by beating Chelsea. While Tottenham finished 11th in the Premier League, it was still a good season because they won a trophy.

Fast forward to the present and Tottenham have steadily climbed up the league table (8th, 4th, 5th, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 5th). The highest finish Spurs got was achieving fourth place twice, with one of them leading to a Champions League spot — where they reached the quarter-finals against Real Madrid.

It’s safe to assume that Mauricio Pochettino was able to get the most out of his squad despite a transitional year and relying too much on his regular starters for the entire season. No one predicted a fifth place finish or a League Cup finals appearance.

Spurs are good enough to finish inside the top seven, but following last year’s success, this upcoming 2015-16 season is now marked with excitement.

How Can Tottenham Improve

The obvious answer is to always bolster your squad during the transfer windows (summer and winter). This is the easiest and quickest way to try and close the gap between each other. However, not every club can sign the best footballers in the world.

In order to do that, everyone has to make it into European competitions — yearly.

Although the highest European competition is the Champions League, only the four best English clubs can qualify. That in of itself is hard to do with the entire Premier League well rounded from top to bottom. Of course, there’s another competition for the unlucky ones to break into, that is the Europa League.

Qualifying into the Champions/Europa League is tough, but it is very rewarding once a club makes it. Every club wants the chance to claim a European championship as the best and second best European club. But, another perk is the money that is earned from winning games and advancing far into the tournament.

Even if you’re eliminated, should any club make it into the knockout stage and then the quarter-finals, the money won, from making it that far will be used to help sign new players. In essence, clubs will be able to improve their squads immensely.

What Happens if Tottenham Falters

There’s a good chance that Daniel Levy — due to his track record — will sack Mauricio Pochettino and start over once again with a new manager. That in turn, will create a massive problem ahead of their new stadium being created for the 2018-19 season.

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Mauricio Pochettino has been given a second season after showing what he could do on the pitch and making it to the 2015 League Cup final against Chelsea. Even though Spurs would lose that game, that alone gave Daniel Levy faith that the Argentine coach can help steer Tottenham into a top-four finish and back into the Champions League.

So far this summer, the two men have worked well together in reshaping the squad by selling players who don’t fit into Pochettino’s game plan for next season. Although three signings — all defenders — are the only additions to the club, it was the most important position to address.

Now their addition has shifted to the midfield, winger and striker positions. No new signings have happened so far, but there should be before the transfer window closes, hopefully. If not, then moving up one spot becomes tougher with a depleted squad.

Where Will Tottenham Finish

Even with new signings that will be coming on board, moving from fourth to fifth isn’t only dependent on Tottenham doing much better to close games out, staying healthy and having a deeper squad than last season. The top four clubs above Spurs will have to encounter slumps from time to time — unfortunately that won’t happen.

This has less to do with Tottenham not improving at all — they have already —  but moreso it has everything to do with Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City all having the financial power to constantly improve each season.

Because they’ve gone to the Champions League yearly, even if they don’t always win it, they’re rewarded for making it into the tournament and advancing into the knockout stage on most occasions. The most that Tottenham can do is make it to the Europa League, but it’s a start and something that they can work with.

Tottenham will finish fifth, but improve on the pitch and points than a year ago.