Shahid Khan Thinking of a Tottenham Takeover?


This Tottenham takeover has already been laid to rest, but let’s debate instead.

The London Evening Standard put out a report which detailed how Shahid Khan, a Pakistani-American billionaire businessman, was “interested” in buying Tottenham. An article like this was written because looking at the big picture it kinda made sense?

It really doesn’t but this probably was the Standard’s thinking on this matter:

  • Tottenham agree to 10-year partnership with the NFL
  • At least two games will be played at the new White Hart Lane
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars have been connected to a London move
  • Jaguars seem to be “well received” in London and not at Jacksonville
  • New stadium in London with NFL agreement = Jaguars moving

But in all honesty would a takeover be good for all parties involved?

Tottenham supporters have shown their frustration towards Daniel Levy with regards on how he handles the transfer market. He’s been labeled as cheap for not splashing the cash on the top players throughout the world — actually, this is true, so these supporters do have a point. But, now that Shahid Khan has been linked to the Lilywhites and has plenty of money to spend do people still want a takeover now?

According to Forbes, Khan’s net worth is $4.6 billion (£2.9 billion), meaning he has Monopoly money to use. Although glancing at what he’s accomplished with Fulham since he purchased the West London club back in July 2013, with an estimated amount between £150–200 million, it’s bad; there are no positives.

Since Shahid Khan took over as Fulham’s chairman he sacked three managers in two seasons — a feat that can somewhat be matched by Daniel Levy since he took over Tottenham in October 2008, but that’s besides the point.

Along the way, Fulham were relegated to the Championship. Shahid Khan is bad luck.

Bringing this back to Tottenham and a possible takeover.

There’s no reason to sell the club once the new stadium opens in 2018. Supposedly Tottenham is valued at £1 billion according to ENIC. So again, adding it all up, Khan could likely purchase the club like he did with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham.

Funny enough, how he managed to ruin two different teams in two different sports is quite amazing. Now while coaches and players play a combined role in the success and failure of a team, the chairman is also to be blamed for the product on the field.

In football, he could pour some money into the club to buy players.

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From my knowledge, Fulham hasn’t been hit with FFP sanctions so they can spend. While the Cottagers did lose a lot of money after being relegated, to see them exceed £10 million+ twice is surprising.

According to Fulham’s transfers page on Transfer League, Kostas Mitroglou was signed for £12.4 million while Ross McCormack cost £11 million.

The rest of their signings from the ’13-’14 and ’14-’15 seasons combined were worth £9.9 million with free transfers included.

Basically money is an issue for Fulham, even with a billionaire chairman.

So even if Shahid Khan’s spokesperson, Jim Woodcock, said that the London Evening Standard’s report of Khan wanting to sell Fulham and buy Tottenham while also relocating the Jacksonville Jaguars to the new White Hart Lane is “utter nonsense and complete fiction” the thought is now out there for people to wonder.

It was only a year ago that Cain Hoy wanted to buy Tottenham, now Shahid Khan is rumored to do so as well. This is the only negative out of this NFL partnership for Tottenham. Otherwise everything is still good for the club and community.

Why this became news is beyond anyone of us, but Daniel Levy is here to stay though.

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