Seven Keepers to Replace Hugo Lloris

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Jan Oblak (22) – Atlético Madrid

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Jan Oblak is Atlético Madrid’s number two goalkeeper behind Miguel Ángel Moyà.

Being only 22-years old, he has plenty of room to grow in establishing himself as one of the world’s best keepers. Although with Moyà being the starter for Atlético Madrid during the first 8 months of the season, it looked like he wouldn’t get a chance to play.

It wasn’t until Miguel Moyà got injured, that Jan Oblak earned his first start.

Since then he’s been the starter for the last two months of La Liga’s season.

It remains to be seen if he’ll remain the starter when the ’15-’16 season arrives or if he’ll revert the backup role again. He has proven that he can be counted on, but the amount of appearances he’s made isn’t good at first glance.