Harry Kane for £50m Plus Three Man United Players?


Manchester United are currently looking to make a deal to land Harry Kane.

Never mind the fact that the Red Devils are willing to give Spurs £50m, what’s interesting is the other half of this deal. Three Manchester United players are part of a swap to try and pry Tottenham’s best striker and player since Gareth Bale.

While £50m for Harry Kane is obviously nice — and generous considering he just made a name for himself this past season — the other three players aren’t worth it.

Even if Mauricio Pochettino is looking for upgrades at key positions, being offered Adnan Januzaj, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Nani isn’t enough. That kind of a haul won’t help Tottenham achieve a top four finish.

For obvious reasons, losing Harry Kane would derail their Champions League aspirations next season. Secondly, they haven’t made much of an impact.

When looking at their stats, this is what they’ve done this year.

Adnan Januzaj (20) – Left Winger / Manchester United | Belgium international

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The only player that Mauricio Pochettino could possibly consider bringing to White Hart Lane. With that being said, he’s not worth getting if Spurs lose Harry Kane.

Playing in a position that could use some upgrading/depth is good, and with him being only 20 years old, Januzaj has lots of room to grow.

However stats wise, he’s only made 18 Premier League appearances with the majority of his time spent sitting on the bench and a few of them not on the squad.

Instead he’s starred in Manchester United’s U-21 group.

During his time with the U-21s he’s made more of an impact with 5 goals and 4 assists. While nice, that’s still not enough for a move to Tottenham.

Had Louis van Gaal given him some more playing time, and Adnan Januzaj making the most of it, then Pochettino may think about signing him.

Chicharito (27) – Center Forward / Real Madrid (loan) | Mexican international

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Chicharito has had a pretty good year for Real Madrid.

In all competitions he’s made 35 appearances and scored 9 goals with 9 assists.

Despite playing a position that needs an upgrade (striker), Chicharito has found himself sitting on the bench just like Adnan Januzaj and not getting enough playing time.

Another negative about him are his goals scored.

They are few and far between from one another, suffering from scoring droughts. For a striker to not score that many goals isn’t a good sign.

Had Chicharito done well when given minutes, a case could be made to sign him.

At the very least, his game-winning goal in this year’s Champions League quarter-finals was the main highlight of his season.

Nani (28) – Left Winger / Sporting Lisbon (loan) | Portuguese international

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Just like Chicharito, Nani had a pretty good year himself.

Playing in 38 games and scoring 12 goals to go along with 8 assists in all competitions are solid numbers for a left winger.

Unfortunately he suffers from yellow card accumulation.

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Playing in the Liga NOS, Nani has accumulated 11 yellow cards with one of them resulting in a red card, following a double yellow.

That could be looked at in two ways. He plays hard and has calls go against him or he’s reckless with his challenges and deserves a yellow card.

Looking at the three suspensions he incurred — two from accumulating too many yellow cards and the other from receiving a double caution in one game — he seems to be more of a reckless tackler than someone who just gets bad calls called against him.

These are the players Man United have offered. Individually, they would be good signings. Collectively, with also receiving £50m while losing Harry Kane, not so much.

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