What To Do If Hugo Lloris Leaves Tottenham Hotspur?


If Hugo Lloris were to leave Tottenham what’s the best course of action to take?

Should they spend the money on multiple players to upgrade key positions or should they spend that money and buy the next best goalkeeper in the world?

Would a move for Thibaut Curtois from Chelsea even be possible?

How about trying to sign Kieran Tripper, Andriy Yarmolenko and Jackson Martínez to name a few; together like what happened in the summer of 2013? Yes, the same summer where Tottenham spent a fortune bringing in players.

But do the Spurs want to go through that all over again?

Now that Mauricio Pochettino has final say over who stays and goes, plus the help of Paul Mitchell in assisting the club as Head of Recruitment and Analysis, transfer windows should be moving along smoothly.

Tottenham did bring in Dele Alli in the January window and now Kevin Wimmer has been signed. It’s looking good so far with adding more players at key positions.

Now before we actually begin on what Spurs could or should do, let’s get one thing straight. Michel Vorm is a fine ‘keeper and can make it in this league as a starter, he started for Swansea City before joining Spurs.

With that being said, if we factor in his age, 31-years old, no one will know how long he’d play for. Brad Friedel retired at 44, can Michel Vorm play that long as well?

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So with Vorm already being a starter before, Spurs should be fine and it would be easy to come to the conclusion that the club has certain holes that need to be filled.

More help in the back-line (center-back, left back and right back), midfield and striker positions would definitely help.

But there is something else that could still pose a problem.

What if all the new signings that Spurs signed worked out but Michel Vorm’s form has dipped really badly or he’s injured, what then? Spend some more money to find a new number one ‘keeper? Promote one of their youth academy graduates?

“If I were asked on what to do with all the money received… I’d go out and bolster the club… “

– Alexander Balano

Or, what if all the new players don’t work out, or mostly don’t work out once again? Should Spurs have signed a goalkeeper to compensate for the loss of Hugo Lloris?

As you can see, there’ll be a big domino effect if Hugo decides to follow his Champions League aspirations and leave Tottenham.

If I were asked on what to do with all the money received should Hugo Lloris decide to leave Tottenham, I’d go out and bolster the club. Sign players at the back-line, midfield, striker and goalkeeper positions.

Say that Michel Vorm replaces Lloris, who’s Vorm’s backup? Brad Friedel has retired so they would need a backup to the backup-turned-starter. After that, go and promote one of the young academy goalkeepers and sign a promising keeper that could possibly be brought up within a few years.

What if they signed Jasper Cillessen of Ajax?

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Netherlands No.1 ‘keeper in the 2014 World Cup.

He appeared in 43 games, conceded 38 goals and blocked 16 shots in all competitions for the 2014-15 season. When looking at his ’14-’15 Eredivisie season only, you’d get 32 appearances, 23 goals conceded and 12 shots blocked. Not good, not bad but somewhat okay. He wouldn’t become the number one starter, but he’d be looked at as someone who would be waiting in the wings, if bought.

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That kind of plan should work out. And if all else fails, then the only course of action that Tottenham should take, is to not sell Hugo Lloris.

No matter how much money clubs are trying to buy him for, don’t cave in. Instead just promote more young players, recall loaned players and sign promising youth/up-and-coming players.

That would be what’s best for the club.

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