Don’t Go Hugo!


Lloris’ early clearance [Photo: Alan Hill]Good lord, is it already that time of the year? While some people in the soccer world love it, I absolutely HATE transfer season. Transfers, in and of themselves, are a necessary part of the soccer world. The parts I loathe are the “Silly Season” and my favorite players leaving the club(s) I like or support.

Recently, the Guardian reported that Hugo Lloris want to play Champions League football next year and wants to leave Spurs. Whatever, jurno, Hugo is never leaving us; he’s staying with us forever! Your stupid article doesn’t even have any quotes. I can’t even take you seriously. Why should anyone take the Guardian or David Hytner seriously ever in lif…OH GAWD, HUGO IS SO GONE NOW! Hytner is good at this and is well connected somehow. We HAVE TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!

Now that we are (just starting to) resigned to Hugo leaving, first thing we got to consider where Hugo is going. Due to the strange FFP thing that UEFA has created, we have to consider club’s previous in and out goings just as much as how much money they have in the bank. Hugo can walk into just about any team in the world, but just because can, doesn’t mean he will. Man City, Manchester United, Barca, Chelsea, and Bayern all “seem” set at keeper and would be a step up from Tottenham. The thing that would and should scare Tottenham is what starts the domino/ butterfly effect in the keeper transfer market. If Juve, Real Madrid, or PSG want to “upgrade” their keeper situation, things can get scary for Tottenham’s keeper situation.

Aug 3, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon (1) stops a shot by Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Marcelo Sarvas (8) during the first half of the Guiness International Champions Cup semifinals at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

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Juve still has Buffon, but how much longer he be the great Buffon? If Juve decides to get their keeper for the next 10 years, Hugo could be that guy. Hopefully, for Tottenham, Juve wants to weaken their Italian rivals rather then bring in outside the league talent. Fingers crossed, but I wouldn’t be made if Hugo went to Turin. That would be a compromise that I can live with.

Real Madrid and PSG, however, are the scarier teams that are probably in the keeper market. Madrid always wants the next guy to sell shirts and wants the latest, greatest toy. The issue with Madrid, however, is they probably have this belief that the Spanish number 1 should also be the Madrid number 1. That Spanish number 1 is at Manchester United right now, in David De Gea. With either De Gea or Hugo in Madrid’s line of sight, the price, at least favors a shrewd businessman like Daniel Levy.

Not for nothing, both Madrid and Manchester United don’t particularly like doing business with Daniel Levy. This kind of news makes me have hope that Spurs will keep Hugo, at least for another season. Madrid still owes us Modric and Bale money, and probably don’t want to add to that IOU. With Manchester United, Levy will probably add an extra 20 million pounds to whatever price Hugo would normally cost, because Manchester got it. Dem the breaks, Red Devils, I don’t make the rules. If you got the money, you gotta spend it.

PSG, well if FFP doesn’t stop them from spending the money, there is nothing Levy can do to stop it. I hope that if PSG do indeed come in and takes Hugo, the French captain, to the French capital I hope Levy can pay for the new stadium with the money. Big bank takes little bank, and I will have to accept it. As far as a replacement for Hugo, one of my colleagues will write about that later. For now, I have to cry myself to sleep as this beautiful man leaves my life with “Heartbreak Hotel” plays in the background.