A Dinner With Harry Kane


Following the Newcastle match, where Harry Kane netted his 30th goal of the 2014-15 season, Tottenham manager/coach/ Future legend Mauricio Pochettino has some interesting advice for the “former” Spurs Captain. Pochettino said “I think he needs to pay for a dinner this week for his team-mates. The team work a lot and try to help him score.”

That got me thinking, on where Kane should take his mates out for dinner. Rather than taking them all to one single spot for food, Kane should take each individual member out and thank them personally. I came up with some recommended places for Kane to take his teammates.

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Adebayor- American style Chinese food seems to be the meal of choice. To help Ade prepare for his future move and payday in the Chinese league, Harry helps him get accustomed to the food choices of his new home. Ade is a fan of the aged duck.

Chadli, SexJan, and Dembele- The Belgian clique don’t have time for dinner, because of the latest round of Settlers of Catan.

Dembele has been winning a lot lately so the group will probably just wants Kane to pick them up some Smoothies. Chadli wants one in a green color. Dembele seems set on one of those gluten-free ones. Vertonghen just wants a whey protein laced smoothies with lots of strawberries.

Paulinho- A German beer garden that has 200 German micro brews and shows extended highlights of all of Germany’s successful World Cup and Euro campaigns. The 7-1 match is a particular favorite this day. Harry tells Paulie that the Italians hate the Germans and that he should move to Italy to avoid these highlights in the future. Paulinho’s agent, at that moment, sends an update to the Lazio transfer talks at that exact moment. Levy is bcc’d on the email, but that is unimportant at the moment.

Ryan Mason- There’s this new place in the seedy part of town that makes the best vegan Peruvian pot pie. You’ve probably never heard of it, unless you are in the know. Ryan Mason and Jack Wilshere are their favorite customers and they act almost exactly the same once they are in there.

Soldado- Since the key to start of Harry’s success in the food in Leicester City, a fish in chips place. Just avoid the tapas, because we don’t need Bobby getting even more home sick #StayWithUsForever Soldado!

Lamela- Whatever Messi eats. Just find it in Rome, and have it shipped to London.

Andros Townsend- This one is tricky. Andros loves those places that look good on the outside, has all the best reviews on Yelp, but when you actually eat the food, it misses the mark. Because of that, Harry, take him Townsend seems like a Nandos guy.

Vlad- Whatever place has the best hangover brunch. Vlad always seems to have a hangover.

Ben Davies- Where ever the Wales National Team is eating at so you can also talk to Welsh Jesus and comfort him on the horrible treatment that he gets in Madrid. Nothing personal Ben, but business never sleeps.

Danny Rose- Whatever he’s been eating the last two months. He’s been on fire and there is no reason to stop the fun now.

I’m sure there are others that could use a good meal. I don’t want to take all the fun out of this, so hit the comment section and tell me (us) where Kane should take other members of the squad to eat at.

Chirpy [Photo: Alan Hill]