Tottenham Fans Views On Gareth Bale, Luka Modric And Champions League Final


Tottenham fans watched the Champions League Final with mixed emotions as they saw former players, Gareth Bale and Luka Modric lift the trophy with Real Madrid in their dramatic win over Atletico in Lisbon.

The evening started with outspoken views  on Luka Modric from Graeme Souness in his role as a pundit on SkySports. The criticism of Modric wasn’t well received, Souness said of Modric,

"He is a 5-a-side player. He can keep the ball. But can he win you the ball? No. Does he make those killer balls? No. Does he score goals? Certainly not."

A contrasting view on Modric from Xabi Alonso who missed the Final through suspension,

"We need Luka, he has a terrific season, he has been brilliant."

In response to Souness’ comments, Bankrupt (@bankruptspurs) tweeted,

Moving on to the contrasting reaction of Tottenham supporters as they watched two former Tottenham favourites contribute to Real Madrid’s late and dramatic win as the Spanish club lifted the European Cup for the 10th time.

Craig, @mrcraig10 took the sensible approach, on Twitter,

TrueSpurs (@truespurs), however, questioned why Tottenham fans were now supporting Bale and Modric.

Laurence winston (@Laurencewinston) tweeted,

Keith H. (@THFCSparky), however, found the reaction of some fans difficult to understand,

Carlo Ancelotti For Spurs Manager?

During the game with Real a goal down, the SpursShow (@spursshow) expressed the dislike of many Tottenham fans’ dislike for the Real Madrid but looked for some consolation for Spurs from the situation, tweeting,

Ledley is My Hero (@spursNutN17), tweeted in a similar vein with the thought that if Real lost, that Carlo Ancelotti might take over as Tottenham manager,

For a time, TOTTENHAM (@M6Hunt) was able to dream on,

In the end, it was Titch (@titchthfc) who said it as we all knew it to be, that Ancelotti was a forlorn hope,

Tottenham Fans on Luka Modric

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Conor O’Reilly (@cpreillycor) tweeted on Modric,

Just John (@JohnTHFC1993) recalls Modric’s skill at the Lane,

 Tottenham Fans on Gareth Bale

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With Real a goal down and Bale not having the best of evenings, Emma Storey (@JournoSpursEmma) tweeted,

C.O.Y.S. (@nickytudor) tweeted in defence of Bale,

But in the end after Bale scored Real’s second goal, Neil (@_Neil_Peel) tweeted,

The final whistle brought the following reactions,

The Spurs Brain (@TheSpursBrain) tweeted,

Daren Green (@darenpg) tweeted,

Jon Gilbert (@jongilbert1988) commented,

Shem Timothy (Shem_THFC) tweeted,

Spurs In The Blood (@SpursInTheBlood) summed up the view of most Spurs fans with these tweets,

Matt Barrett (@mattbarrett1882) also caught the feeling of many in his tweet,