Memorable Night: Tottenham v Benfica – Old Photographs From 1962

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Match report from 1st leg in Lisbon [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Although Spurs had lost 3 – 1 in the 1st leg in Lisbon, the media were convinced that they could turn it around at White Hart Lane. Bobby Smith scored the Tottenham goal in the 54th minute after Benfica had taken a two-goal advantage after only 20 minutes. Benfica scored a third with 17 minutes remaining.

Tottenham, however, had every right to feel aggrieved as they had what appeared to be two perfectly good goals ruled out for off-side. Jimmy Greaves had a goal disallowed as early as the 6th minute, a minute after Benfica had taken the lead. With 5 minutes to play Greaves linked with Smith whose effort was ruled out even though there were two Benfica players on the goal line.