Eusebio, Tottenham, FA Cup And What’ll David Moyes Say Now?


Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary continues

Farewell Eusebio


This was the last entry in this diary but I got a sense of perspective when I read the draft and realised it deserves pride of place.

One of the all-time greats. Gone too soon. 71 is not that old really. I can just remember him at the World Cup in ’66 and the European Cup in ’68.

He always seemed to carry himself with dignity and had a shot like Bobby Charlton in a day when wet footballs were like cannonballs compared to today’s technology enhanced  balloons.

Thanks for the memories.

FA Cup

5 January 2014

Well, following the outstanding New Year’s Day victory at Old Trafford, yesterday we came back down to earth with a bump and the 2-0 3rd Round FA Cup defeat to Arsenal at the Emirates.

First things first; they were the better side on the day. We were like a different side to the United game. Roberto Soldado continued to miss chance after golden chance. Adebayor reverted to tin soldier/petulant mode. I knew the game was up early doors when he shoved Sagna over with a heavy push in the back.

Talking of backs, they should get off Theo Walcott’s. His 2 – 0 signal as he was carried off was just physical banter. To talk of him inciting crowd unrest is ludicrous. It might not have been very mature but anyone allowing themselves to get incited by that is a bit sad.

Give the FA Cup the Status it Deserves

The FA should flex its muscles and insist on the FA Cup winners getting a Champions League place. It’s not only the big clubs that regard it as a distraction and play reserves in it; now the smaller clubs who fear Wigan-style relegation in an end of season fixture pile up are fielding weakened sides as early as the 3rd round.

Paul Lambert said as much before Aston Villa’s defeat and then having got his wish blustered through the post-match press conference pretending he hadn’t meant it. As I type this, a beleaguered and changed West Ham side have gone 4-0 (make that 5-0) down to Nottingham Forest. Pathetic, Mr. Allardyce. I guess if you stay up, it will be worth it but it looks like your captain has done for you already and unless you get in a top striker who instantly hits form, it doesn’t seem likely anyway, does it?

Transfer Gossip

The papers are suggesting again that Wayne Rooney will be on his way if United do not qualify for the Champion’s League and that Luis Suarez has a buyout clause in his contract. The only thing they are not clear on is whether it is for £70 million or £85.

And finally……

David Moyes did himself no favours with his rant about the referee after the home defeat to Spurs. I wonder who he is going to blame now it’s happened again in the FA Cup to Swansea. How long before the United fans take down that banner saying “the chosen one”? It already has an ironic tone, given the way Martinez has improved Everton and how Laudrup has done so much better with a thinner squad. I thought they had made the right choice but I wonder whether the Glazers might soon decide they and Fergie got it wrong.

I would have thought the United players would be used to a Scottish accent by now.

Smalling dive [Photo: Alan Hill]I can imagine Moyes saying to Smalling in the dressing room afterwards “I said ‘you must be dying to play Swansea’ not ‘you must dive when you play Swansea’. At least Fabio got sent off for his potential leg-breaker. Moyes’ players have got away with a few of these recently.

Fabio red card [Photo: Alan Hill]