A Lifetime Of Supporting Tottenham – The Highs


Gary Mabbutt celebrates in 1991 FA Cup Final [Photo: Logan Holmes]By the time I started supporting Tottenham, the ‘Double’ win of the 1960s had been consigned to the glorious history of the club with new goals to achieve. The 1964-65 season was the start of Bill Nicholson’s attempt to recreate the winning formula that had proved so successful for him in those three seasons at the beginning of the 1960s.

Time caught up quickly with the ‘Double’ team and hit by injuries and the sad loss of John White the previous summer, Bill Nicholson was faced with a difficult task. New players arrived at White Hart Lane – Pat Jennings, Cyril Knowles and along with other earlier signings they would form the core of the Tottenham’s team right into the early 70s and bring us more trophies to celebrate.

My Highs From Following Spurs

October, 1965: A 5 – 1 win over Manchester United at White Hart Lane. Jimmy Greaves scored one of his special solo goals that day as all five Tottenham forwards got a goal each. This result was of special significance to me as most of  my school mates were staunch United fans. Sadly, the joy wasn’t to live for long as only weeks later, Spurs lost by a similar score at Old Trafford.

May, 1967: FA Cup win over Chelsea – my first trophy win since starting to follow Spurs. it wasn’t a great game but Spurs won and that was all that mattered.

November, 1968: My first visit to White Hart Lane – a wet Friday morning but the stadium was awe-inspiring, magnificent, the pitch was so green. A year later I returned for my first game – Spurs Reserves against Norwich City Reserves.

August, 1971: My second League game at the Lane. Spurs beat Huddersfield Town 4 – 1 in the second home game of the season. My first match had been three days earlier a scoreless draw with Newcastle on the Wednesday evening.

May, 1981: Ricky Villa’s goal to secure the FA Cup win over Manchester City – magic moments.

May, 1984: UEFA Cup Final win on penalties at White Hart Lane. Tony Parks setting off around the pitch in celebration as his second penalty save brought the trophy back to White Hart Lane.

April, 1991: Paul Gascoigne’s goal and the semi-final win over Arsenal at Wembley with the job completed as Forest were beaten in the Final the following month.

January, 2002 & 2008: The 5 – 1 wins over Chelsea and Arsenal in the semi-final of the League Cup.

February, 2008: Winning the Carling Cup at Wembley with a fantastic win over Chelsea – such celebrations!

November, 2010: At last one that I can say, “I was there!” Gareth Bale tormenting the Inter Milan defence and running Maicon ragged and Spurs great 3 – 1 win against the holders of the Champions League trophy. The chants of “Taxi for Maicon” ringing around the stadium.

February, 2013: Gareth Bale’s two free-kicks against Lyon in the Europa League. Fantastic – as he stepped up in injury time at the end of the second half, the thought was, “He can’t do it again” but he did, leaving the Lyon keeper bemused.

Make this your personal diary:

What are the high-points from your time of following Spurs?

Good End To 2013

Spurs ended 2013 on a positive note with their win over Stoke, bringing to an end what has been a difficult month of December. It started with a home draw against United which would have been a win but for the influence of Wayne Rooney on the game. Out injured, it’s thought that he’s to be rushed back for Wednesday’s game as Spurs start 2014 with a trip to Old Trafford. United with Rooney are a completely different team from the one without him. Welcome to the Premier League, Tim.

Tim Sherwood has the players playing with a greater confidence and they are working together as a team. It been a difficult time for him with players out through injury, suspension and illness. A win over United would be the perfect way to start the new year but what fans really want to see is the team able to compete at a stadium like Old Trafford.