Tottenham Managers Past and Present Encourage Gareth Bale To Stay


Andre Villas-Boas has been optimistic in his comments on Gareth Bale’s future. He has been joined by former Tottenham managers, Harry Redknapp and Martin Jol in encouraging the player to remain with Spurs.

Andre Villas-Boas has full backing of Tottenham fans on Gareth Bale [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Gareth Bale’s future is a topic for constant speculation. It is intrinsically linked with Tottenham’s success or failure to achieve Champions League qualification. That aspect of the equation will be resolved within the next week but in the meantime three of the managers who have worked with him at White Hart Lane have offered their views on his future.

Last weekend his present manager stated that he had been assured by the Chairman that Bale would not be sold. Speaking last week Villas-Boas was quoted in a report in the Telegraph,

"“The information that I have from the club is that the player is here to remain, independent of the objectives of Champions League qualification being achieved. Whatever price tag the player has doesn’t matter because he’s our player. He’s a player we have to hold on to for the remaining seasons to make sure that we continue to progress.”"

He spoke of the need for Spurs to offer Bale a new improved contract in recognition of his contribution to Tottenham’s season. In another Telegraph report, he said,

"“It would be good for him [to sign a new contract]. I think he deserves it for the season he’s had. Obviously we could put to bed every single speculation that’s coming out. It would be excellent and I think a reward for what he has achieved this season.”"

Martin Jol, the current Fulham manager, who signed Bale during his time with Spurs has spoken of Bale’s value to the Premier League. In a recent press conference, Jol is quoted in the Express, saying,

"“There are so many good footballers here but Gareth is very good for the profile of the Premier League. He can think of Milan and Real Madrid, but hopefully he realises that the grass is always greener somewhere else.”"

Harry Redknapp benefitted from Bale’s explosion onto the European and world stage with outstanding displays which took Spurs into the Champions League for the first time and then progress to the quarter-finals in what was an exceptional season. The current QPR manager was reported in the Sun, speaking on Bale’s future last March saying,

"“I’m absolutely sure that Spurs is the best club for him and that he will stay. He loves life at Spurs and with the club looking at another Champions League campaign next term why would he leave? I don’t think that will happen.”"

A former Tottenham captain, Gary Mabbutt, is convinced that Bale will remain at White Hart Lane for the foreseeable future. In the Daily Mail he was quoted,

"“Everyone asks about Gareth Bale and his future, but let’s look at the facts. Gareth is 23, he is on an incredible salary, he will probably get a new contract in the summer, he has got a beautiful girlfriend, he has a lovely six-month-old daughter, every time he plays football he has a smile on his face, and he also swept the honours board this season. You look at that and you think: ”is he happy?” I’d say he is. There is always speculation, but he signed a new four-year contract at the start of the season. All his comments on the stage at the FWA awards were about how much he is enjoying his football here. As far as I am concerned, he will be here for a long time.”"

Constant speculation over Gareth Bale’s future. [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Gareth Bale hasn’t given any indication of what he plans to do. His current contract which he signed last summer extends to 2016 but if a new contract were to be offered to him it would be on greatly improved terms. Bale does appear to have great respect for his manager and how he has helped him to improve in recent months which has led to his outstanding performances and winning the PFA and FWA awards.

Interviewed on after the FWA awards ceremony last week, Bale spoke highly of his current manager and how he has helped him to improve this season.

"“….the manager has been fantastic for me – played me in different positions where I’m able to find the space and actually show my stuff…..The main thing is I’ve enjoyed my football and I’ve been able to play well….”"

No-one knows what will happen over the summer months but everyone connected with Tottenham will be hoping that Tottenham make the Champions League and that Gareth Bale will remain with Spurs.