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Reaction To Tottenham’s Performance Against FC Basel


Charlie Bee expresses his thoughts and disappointment with the players in his reaction to last night’s draw with FC Basel in the Europa League quarter-final. Modern football is changing and it is rapidly finally catching up at White Hart Lane.

Article written by Charlie Bee

Emmanuel Adebayor did not impress against Basel [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]When Keith Burkinshaw left the club on the back of our 1984 UEFA Cup victory he muttered the phrase; “There used to be a football club here.” As a Spurs fan that grew up, whilst we were firmly placed in Arsenal’s shadow and suffered the blows and the insults, as we all did, I had never fully come to terms or understood that phrase, until last night, as I stood in White Hart Lane.

It was there I realised, that all that we work and strive for was taken for granted by William Gallas on that pitch. We work, week in, week out to be able to afford to go down and watch our team play, the prospect of a midweek European quarter final as good a fix as any; yet when I pay £40 a match, buy the shirts, the car dice, the retro clothing, the Spurs app, I want a player that will throw himself in front of the ball for me, a player that is willing to ”run through brick walls for Spurs” as Graham Roberts so eloquently put. His apprehension amidst the panic in the box for the second goal, are the signs of a player looking closer to his next pay-packet than he is to play for our team.

Emmanuel Adebayor is the same, he earns around £850 in 90 minutes, yet he won’t even jump for a header, chase the ball down or show some enthusiasm. I don’t care about last season. The fact is he’s an over priced pony and that he is allowed to wear the same shirt as Klinsmann, Greaves, Archibald and any other striker who was willing to give their all in the name of Spurs is a crime in it’s own right. Wearing the shirt should be a privilege not a means to an end, another season another monstrous wage packet.

We, the loyal fans, are all that’s keeping us alive, as the soul and memories of this great club, slowly gets twisted and convoluted, our image soon to be as manufactured as it is grown as they pump as much money out of us as possible with advertising, marketing and corporatism all contributing to our glorious downfall. The smell of beer and cheap half time refreshments, is slowly being sieved out, the Waitrose bags and Thermose flasks are more the norm.

I will never forget at Spurs vs Reading on New Year’s Day, the row of four in front of me, a man, his wife and the two children, who were contempt to sit on their i-Pads the whole match whilst the wife spent the time organising her weekend plans on Facebook. This isn’t our Spurs, but it is what we’re becoming.

 Rows of empty seats in an UEFA Cup quarter final, serve as a stark reminder to the lurking figure of modern football, slowly beginning to encapsulate this great club which has for so long stood against it. The radio phone-ins besieged with the ‘armchair fan’ representing us to the nation, when in reality they are as representative as a Chelsea fan.

It’s here we reach the ultimate catch 22 dilemma, regarding the new stadium; yes it will transport us into the upper echelons of financial status, sacrificing the atmosphere of our club for the comfort of leather seats and an extra row of advertising boards. 

But that’s what we’ve become, as much as we try to hide it. There’s only so long we can cater to the whims of modern football, the upper class soon taking our place in this world of greed and desire – the clatter of seats with every attack wiped out, soon to be replaced with a low, applause more accustomed to sports like Cricket or Tennis.

Spurs, we love you. But don’t do this to us. Please. @RantingSpurs