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Hugo Lloris Admits To What Tottenham Fans Knew Already

Hugo Lloris has copied manager, Tim Sherwood, and admitted to what Tottenham supporters have known all season – that the Spurs players showed a lack of commitment and character.

They say that “Confession is good for the soul.” First it was Tim Sherwood admitting that he didn’t know what was the best Tottenham team and now Hugo Lloris has admitted that too often this season, Spurs have given up when the going got tough on the pitch.

Tottenham supporters are all to aware of that, it was so obvious watching the players going through the motions as the goals went in against Manchester City (twice), Liverpool (twice), Chelsea and even West Ham United. Six heavy defeats of which the players should be ashamed.

As Lloris reflected on a disappointing season, he felt the Spurs fans were let down by the players – a thought that has been on the minds of Tottenham supporters too frequently this season. His criticism was quite damning of the players who he said had:

  • given up too easily during matches
  • played with less than total commitment
  • made too many individual errors
  • didn’t perform at a high enough level to deserve a top-4 finish.

Lloris was praised for his performance against Fulham when his saves were crucial to ensure Tottenham won 3 – 1. Had it not been for the French international goalkeeper, Fulham could have had a surprise win. The goalkeeper was critical of the goal that was conceded against Fulham, only two minutes after Spurs had taken a first half lead. His comments were reported in an article in the Daily Express, Lloris said,

We conceded another stupid goal, again. It shows that we have some problems with concentration this season and it is not the first time.

It has been a similar story through the season with Lloris the ‘Man of the Match’ when Spurs have won and even in defeat. He went on to describe this as a “difficult season” with Spurs suffering too many heavy defeats which was very disappointing, especially as the team had been so close to Champions League qualification twelve months ago. He called for the players to show greater character.

I want to be honest. This season was difficult for everyone because of a lot of bad defeats. But we had sometimes the feeling that we give up. We can’t allow this kind of behaviour. We have to show more character.

Lloris acknowledges that it may be difficult to achieve his ambitions of Champions League football with a club like Tottenham which is not the news Spurs fans want to hear from one of their best players this season who is bound to be a target for other clubs this summer.

The French international has been very consistent throughout the season apart from a short period after he suffered concussion in the Everton game at Goodison Park. It is not the first time Lloris has called for a greater effort from his team mates. Following the home defeat by Liverpool he accused some of his team-mates of throwing in the towel, saying,

I felt that the team just gave up because we couldn’t find a solution.

He acknowledged that the two heavy defeats in quick succession were to blame from the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas. Speaking before the game against Southampton last December, he said,

It was that combined with the earlier 6 – 0 mauling from Manchester City that ultimately cost Villas-Boas his job.

It is unusual for a player to be so forthright in his comments and to take an even bigger step and be critical of other members of the team. It is, however, reassuring to know that at least Lloris realises that the players have let down themselves, the manager, the club and the fans too often this season.

While some supporters are uncertain of whether they want Tottenham to qualify for a Europa League place next season, at least we know that Hugo Lloris will be doing all that he can to win the next three games to achieve as high a finish as possible for Spurs.

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  • jim

    The Spurs owners should perhaps remind the players that they understand the game is played on grass, not on an investment spreadsheet. The players may currently think they earn their money if their value goes up on the portfolio. The better owners talk about the game, and their hopes for their club. I’m not saying the players have no responsibilities, but the owners should emphasise the game on the field, as well as the finances.

    • Logan Holmes

      A very good point – Chairman has been too concerned with financial position of the club rather than the team’s success. He has set high targets for the club in CL qualification without being prepared to take and extra risk to buy the player who might have made that achievable – brought in Saha and Nelsen one year but not Moutinho the next – not the business expected of a team with high ambitions of success.

  • victor

    WELL SAID LLORIS N ” Confession sure is good for D Soul “.
    N LLORIS, We D Fans also saw and knows Who the Committed and potetial players are.
    Seeing All the New players and 2 or 3 existing players, play in/out every week, we saw the HALVE-HEARTEDN WE SAW D WINNERS.
    D C

    • Logan Holmes

      Good to hear Lloris speaking out and saying what fans knew already. It doesn’t happen often enough and credit to Hugo. A team of experienced international players should NOT have lost so heavily so often this season. Attitude right from teh start of those games was defeatist and they got what they were expecting.

  • victor

    D Core players to be built around nex season are Vertonghen, Lloris, Eriksen, Kaboul, Lennon, Townsend, K Walker, and of course the ‘ beast ‘ Sandro. These are Winners 90 % o the time on the pitch ( unless they R injured, or occasional slip )

    • Logan Holmes

      Really hope we can keep these players, especially Lloris, and build a team which will challenge. Need an early positive announcement on managerial situation to prevent players starting to make moves to get away from WHL over the summer.

      • jim

        Pochettino is the favourite on The Sack Race, but de Boer has now moved up to second.