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Could Paul Lambert Be A Contender For Manager At Tottenham?

The uncertainty over Tim Sherwood’s long-term future as Tottenham Hotspur manager has resulted in many names are being linked with Spurs. Could Paul Lambert be a possible contender for the position at White Hart Lane?

The names being connected with Tottenham should the manager’s position become vacant in the summer have been experienced managers who have managed around Europe but have never worked in the Premier League.

Yesterday, I suggested a highly experienced European manager who might be considered for any possible vacancy at White Hart Lane. Today, I put forward the name of manager who has learned his trade in English football.

There are few British managers in the Premier League and even fewer who would be in contention to take over at White Hart Lane. Tim Sherwood stepped up to the manager’s seat without any experience in management and that inexperience has been evident as he has struggled in past weeks to get the best from the Spurs team.

One possible manager in the Premier League who knows what is required in English football and has enjoyed success in the lower divisions as part of his apprenticeship, is Paul Lambert, the manager of Aston Villa.

Paul Lambert

Paul Lambert was a Scottish international as a player at St. Mirren,  Motherwell, Borussia Dortmund and Celtic. His first steps in management were with Livingston where he finished his playing career and then Wycombe Wanderers and Colchester United. After starting the 2009–10 season with an opening day 7–1 win for Colchester over Norwich, he immediately took charge at Carrow Road.

Lambert had an outstanding record at Norwich City winning promotion from League One to the Premier League in successive seasons. Norwich then had a very successful first season back in the top flight. They finished 12th and played very attractive football in season 2011-12.

At the end of that initial season, Lambert was attracted to Aston Villa where he had a very tough introduction to Villa Park. With limited funds for new players he was forced to rely on younger players who found it difficult at Premier League level, suffering the embarrassment of an 8 – 0 defeat at Chelsea, followed by a four goal home defeat by Spurs a few days later. From a position where Villa were looking certainties for relegation they reorganised and retained their Premier League place with a 15th place finish.

Speaking after the final match in May, 2013, Lambert reflected on the season, saying in an interview with BBC Sport,

It’s been a hard season but I’ve loved it. It’s a huge pressure and we are in transition at the moment. The last four or five months we have been terrific which bodes well for the future. It’s an exciting time and you can see the crowd are right behind us.

This season, Villa are in mid-table but with Lambert’s motivational and tactical skill have the best record of any team against the top-4 teams. They started the season with a win at the Emirates and have home wins over Chelsea and Manchester City and also took a point at Anfield. The record would be even better had they been awarded a late penalty at Stamford Bridge at the start of the season.

Lambert is a passionate manager and is not afraid to argue the case for his team while retaining the respect of his opposite number. He demands total commitment from his players but can also be very persuasive as Tottenham discovered last summer. Lambert ensured that Christian Benteke remained at Villa Park when it looked as if the Belgian striker was set for a move to White Hart Lane.

At Villa Park he has had confrontational moments with players who have been isolated because they haven’t fitted into his plans. His decisions appear to have been the right option as he remains in post while the players have moved on. He has also been able to manage on a limited transfer budget while bringing on young players who have progressed through the Villa Academy. These are qualities which might be attractive as far as Daniel Levy is concerned.

Currently, Villa are in 13th position but a home defeat by Fulham doesn’t look good on his CV. The final match of the season at White Hart Lane will bring Lambert into opposition with Tim Sherwood. Could that be Lambert’s late audition for the manager’s position at Tottenham?

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  • Chris Goodman

    Please take him, Lambert Out!

    • Logan Holmes

      LOL Is he that bad?
      You can have Tim.

  • TJ

    Hahaha you can HAVE him whenever you like. Please. Take him.

    • Logan Holmes

      Lambert did well at Norwich when they came into the PL. How do you explain Villa’s results against the top-4 this season?

      • Gordon Cowans

        Because the better sides will attack you and leave room to counter attack which is the only way his teams can play. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are only four top four teams but far more rubbish sides who just defend- something Villa for two years have been clueless as to how to break down.

        Anyway, if you want him, villa fans will gladly form a human chain and pass him down to you, hand to hand.

        • Logan Holmes

          We know all about that problem – very generous offer but I think we’ll pass. Thanks for your contribution. COYS!

  • Tony Borg

    Your about a week late with this comment, it has to be an April fools joke or you’re smoking some bad weed. Even Tim Sherwood is better than Paul Lambert.

    • Logan Holmes

      Lambert did well with Norwich in his first season in PL. Has been restricted by lack of finance to strengthen at Villa but they have managed to take 11 points from top-4 teams this season. There must be some degree of organisation/commitment from players to have achieved that – not something we’ve seen at WHL this season.

      • Tony Borg

        So you want him then??

        • Logan Holmes

          No – there are few managers in PL capable of stepping up to take on manager’s position with a ‘top’ team. COYS!

          • Macca

            Come back when you’ve been Champions Of Europe without financial doping.
            ASTON VILLA>>>>>>>>>>>>spurs.

  • flashman

    I’d rather keep Tim thanks,I take it you seem to think this is 1st April

    • Logan Holmes

      Norwich played good football under Lambert and Villa have best record against top-4 teams this season. COYS!

  • Macca

    Why would Lambert move on to a smaller club that is on the way down once more? Logan Holmes – you’ve supported Spurs long enough to know Aston Villa >>>>>>spurs. Your bio above talks of Spurs’ “glorious history”…come off it! Wolves and Huddersfield have won more.

    • Logan Holmes

      Think it would be a step up from Villa to Tottenham. COYS!

      • Macca

        Logan, me old China, keep taking the happy pills. COYS, indeed.

  • Phil Kimberley

    Please take him. Please. Please!

    • Logan Holmes

      The response seems to be an overwhelming ‘NO!” Sorry to disappoint. COYS!

  • rawlie

    Although I’m Villa through and through, the old man and his side of the family are all Spurs mad, North Londoners. Even though I want Lambert gone, there is no way he is what Spurs want or need. When I think of Spurs (and West Ham to an extent), I think of possession football, triangles, pass and move and flair players. Villa under Lambert is the exact opposite. We regularly have 20-30% less possession than the opposition, and not just the top 6-7 sides. Instead of ‘triangles’ we have ‘laterals’ amongst the back line which invariably lead to a massive ‘arc’ as the ball is launched to Benteke, Kozak, Holt, A.N. Other target man! Pass and move? I haven’t seen that for many many years. It’s more like, ‘pass and… lost possession’, and when they do finally pass to feet the ball control is beyond a joke.

    Our ‘flair’ (or expensive rather than talented) players are called the ‘bomb squad’ and aren’t played by Lambert. There is definitely a massive question as to whether he can cope with real superstars, as even our one true international class player, Benteke was bought as a relative unknown.

    As for Spurs’ next manager, it’s got to be a Laudrup, Martinez or, dare I say, a Hoddle. I’d have any of those three as Villa’s next manager in a heart beat.

    • Macca

      Martinez wouldn’t leave Everton for spurs.

  • Andrew

    You realize that he’s had 20m net spend the last 2 years right? He’s the worst manager in Villa history who has absolutely no tactical skill as you claim ever. I’d love for Villa to beat Spurs and have Spurs fans chant his name so he goes, it would be the greatest thing to ever happen to Villa.

  • Andy Rich

    Sweet Jesus. You’d be writing your own death warrant.