Emmanuel Adebayor and Jermain Defoe - will they return? [Photo: Jav The_Doc_66]

The Week In Tottenham Transfer News Of Potential Signings

Ten days ago the press were confidently predicting that Tottenham were close to signing Paulinho, David Villa from Spain and two young Croatian players from Dinamo Zagreb. Last weekend’s confirmation of Paulinho’s signing from Corinthians raised expectations and we started the week eagerly awaiting the next announcement.


David Villa In

The week started so well with the news in The Mirror that David Villa could sign for Tottenham within days having reached agreement with the club, in principle.

Within hours, however, that hope was shattered when the news broke of David Villa remaining in Spain with a transfer to Atletico Madrid. Disappointment – well I did warn of caution in early June, saying that Spanish strikers prefer to ply their trade in the home country and are reluctant to move to the Premier League. Villa isn’t the first to take that decision and he won’t be the last but his father’s comment that his son had nearly signed for Spurs was akin to Rivaldo’s letter to Glenn Hoddle explaining why he chose Barcelona over Tottenham.

Back to the drawing board in the search for a striker or two and it was only 4pm on Monday.

And the other Villa News Broke…..

Early evening and the BBC reported that Aston Villa had announced that Christian Benteke had submitted a transfer request and had not travelled to Germany with the club on their pre-season tour. Not directly linked with Tottenham but Benteke is one of a number of strikers on many people’s list of possible strikers for Spurs.


Well, that’s no Surprise

Today’s papers link Tottenham with Villa, no not David, but the Villa striker, Christian Benteke.

Gareth Bale at Kit Launch

A number of papers suggested that Tottenham’s use of Gareth Bale at the launch of their kit for the new season, indicated that he’d be staying at White Hart Lane. No guarantee in that – only last year Rafael van der Vaart was used at the launch and he was on his was come 31st August. Later in the week the Daily Express revealed Real Madrid’s intention to keep the number 11 shirt as they plan to try to lure Bale to Spain before the transfer window closes.


Christian Benteke (Day 2)

Every paper covered the Benteke story as he is a target for Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham. The Daily Mail reported that Chelsea are prepared to meet Villa’s asking price of £25m while the Mirror reported that the player had indicated that he would prefer to join Spurs. The papers can’t reach agreement on whether the fee Villa want is £25m or £30m or whether Spurs will break their transfer record to sign the Belgian international striker or wait for a reduction in the fee come the end of August.

Two Young Croatian Players

Last week the news from Croatia was that Spurs were set two sign the two young players, defender Tin Jedvaj and attacking midfielder Alen Halilovic. Neither will be coming as Jedval signed for Roma and Halilovic’s parents decided against him moving to London.

Loan Deal for Deulofeu

Spurs continued to be linked with Gerard Deulofeu the young Spanish winger on a loan deal from Barcelona. The story had been around for a number of days, with the Daily Mail suggesting Spurs and Everton were interested in the 19-year-old who is a highly promising player and has played for the Spain Under-21 team. The Guardian reported that Everton completed the deal to take him on loan for a season to gain experience in the Premier League.

Soldado Not for Sale

Having missed out on David Villa, Tottenham continued to be interested in another Spanish international striker, Valencia’s Roberto Soldado. The latest comments from the Spanish club were not too encouraging for Spurs as Valencia appear unwilling to sell the player.

Alvaro Negredo

Spurs have again been linked with the Sevilla striker, Alvaro Negredo. He looks likely to leave the Spanish club with Manchester City also linked. The Metro covered the story for the player who was reportedly offered to Spurs last January.


The Belgium Connection

As reported last week, Tottenham are interested in Nacer Chadli the Belgian winger from FC Twente. They have also been connected with Ghanaian international full back, Daniel Opare who plays for Standard Liege.

Reports in the press continue to suggest that a deal for Chadli is close and the player’s agent has made positive comments about coming to Tottenham as reported in the Metro.

“It has been known for a while that Tottenham are interested in Nacer. We would welcome this move.”


Tottenham’s interest in various strikers continues to make headlines. Even Jermain Defoe admits that the club will be trying to sign strikers. Speaking at the kit launch on Tuesday,he said,

“I’m a forward but I can’t be the only forward at a club. A top club will bring in top players. That’s normal.”

Nelson Oliveira

Spurs are reported to be attempting to compete a loan signing of the young Benfica striker, Nelson Oliveira in whom Cardiff City are interested. The Mirror has suggested that he is available for a £1m loan deal or a permanent fee of £6m. It is thought that Andre Villas-Boas is looking for a young striker as well as a more experienced player so Oliveira may be a possibility.


Benteke continues to be Tottenham’s main target with the Daily Mail reporting that they are preparing to make an offer of £20m.


The Sunday Mirror has suggested that Tottenham’s difficulty in selling Emmanuel Adebayor will hinder the club’s attempts to sign Benteke. The sale of Adebayor to Besiktas which appeared to have been agreed has floundered as the player doesn’t want to go and is returning to London to commence pre-season training.

As always there are so many names linked with Tottenham it is impossible to know which deals are likely to be completed and which are simply the club being linked with players the media think might be of interest to Spurs. Benteke is an obvious target but it may be difficult to compete negotiations with Aston Villa especially if Spurs are reluctant to complete the deal before being certain of having completed the sale of other players. The news of the possible signing of Chadli appears to be progressing with the player continuing to be omitted from FC Twente’s pre-season’s matches because of the interest from Tottenham, according to sources in Holland.

Seven days on and there will probably be another list of new players linked with Spurs but hopefully they will have brought some negotiations to a close before setting off to the Far East for the pre-season tournament.


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  • RhinoNeal111

    In other words it is a complete farce down at the lane. No lessons have been learnt by Levy and whoever else is involved about getting the players in early and it truly amazes me that once again the club is not making any real investment in the team as it appears that they will only buy once they have sold players. Where is the actual investment by the owners. Over the last five transfer windows Levy is actually £23 million in profit…so no investment there then. I thought they had a £50 million transfer budget to spend which now seems a load of crap.

    It now seems that we are putting all our eggs in one basket wanting to sign Benteke which is another huge mistake. What you should do Levy instead of waiting to see who you can sell then buy you should spend some of the owners money and get the players in first then offload.

    There is another striker who fits the bill at Spurs who we have been supposedly courting for three transfer windows but when he becomes available at a resonable price and reasonable wages we don’t seem interested in. Leandro Damiao is a perfect fit at Spurs and he has a lot more skill than Benteke. He knows where the goal is, good in the air, great ball skills, has pace and is powerfull. He would soon settle in with the other lads from Brazil there.

    To me our transfer business is a shambles and shows other clubs how not to operate and Daniel Levy should be well ashamed of the way he operates in the transfer windows. I thought bringing in Baldini was going to change all that but it appears that Levy is still getting too involved and here we are again nearly half way through and only one player brought in. Looks like new players coming in are not going to have a pre season yet again.

    • David

      I feel your pain Rhino but can’t agree with what you’ve written. I really don’t think any English team is having it easy in the current transfer market – just look at the Chelsea – Cavini situation, the man utd – thiago & lewandoski rumours, the arsenal – Higuain & Jovetic farces the Man City – and just about everyone on the face of the earth stories. I don’t think money is always the issue, we in England may have to face the fact that playing in the premiership isn’t necessarily as attractive for international foootballers as the papers make out. I think that both Benteke and Damiao are both being overpriced by their clubs (the former at £25-30m, the latter at £20m) considering that Benteke has had one successful season in the premiership (albeit a blinding one but try and remember that we’ve only just managed to offload David Bentley from the wage bill so expensive risks are perhaps not flavour of the month right now) and Damiao does seem to spend a fair amount of time injured.

      Looking at the team last season and comparing it to the seasons before the big difference I noticed was the lack of attacking structure without Modric. With Bale being our main ball carrier last season, I think it may have made it difficult for other players in the team who don’t think and move as quickly as he does (Dempsey/Adebayor/Defoe). I think that getting an attacking midfielder in the centre of the park who can swap with Bale when he cuts in would be an excellent way of freeing Bale up whilst also keeping some balance to the attack (so we don’t wind up with Adebayor putting crosses in from the left – considering what he did to us when he was with Real Madrid I was stunned that he was dropping out to the left so often) and Chadli may well be the person to do this – so hopefully we can get this one signed up

      It’s sounding promising (signing Chadli) unlike Villa. When analysing stories I try and look at what’s actually been said by the clubs and the players – of tertiary importance are the kaka stirring agents. In the Villa debacle it seemed to be just the opinions of reporters rather than any quotes from Villa or Barcelona so we don’t know how badly we negotiated but at least Chadli’s agent seems to be making promising noises and there doesn’t seem to be much competition which, I admit may be a bad sign but we’ll have to wait and see – certainly his highlights on youtube and scoring recording over the last couple of seasons suggest he may have something to him and being only 23 he’s hopefully still coming into his best form.

      In relation to the striker option, to be honest, if I were in Daniel Levy’s shoes I would have a big problem with paying too much for a striker as well. I honestly don’t think Villa wanted to come to England and play for us as much as he just wanted to leave Barca and so if he prefers to remain in Spain I don’t think we can blame DL or AVB for that. I do agree that we need a striker to two (if we sell Adebayor) but Gary Hooper’s a possibility for not too much money as is Loic Remy (if he gets off the charge and if we can be bothered to take the risk on a player who, at the very least, shows an astonishing lack of judgement in his personal life). Getting one or both (if, as mentioned above we lose Adebayor) will at least provide some decent competition up front. and with the added stability of Paulinho and the flexibility and goals from Chadli this could be all we need to be able to be defensively sound (depending on what happens with BAE) with a real attacking edge. I think everyone’s been really harsh on Defoe – his worst crime has actually been suffering from injury. In the run up to Christmas, they were using the blood spinning technique to try and keep him fit and I question how effective it was. Certainly before that he seems to show really promising form and with him and 2 other players who can convert chances well (assuming we’re playing with one up top which I assume we are given the number of midfielders we’ve got) competing with each other and each providing something a little different (I really like Hooper – you may question his quality given that his goals have come in Scotland but if you watch them he does show that really hunger and desire to put the ball in the back of the net which contrasts with Adebayor who has the quality but apparently very little desire. He’s relatively young, motivated by a desire to secure an England place and he’s a spurs supporter to boot!)

      Basically, my point is that buying an expensive striker (potentially the two you mentioned) is a questionable priority. Being able to inject a bit more pace and coordination into our attack (rather than just relying on Bale to pop up with a free kick or buy himself a few yards for a shot in the 88th minute), is more of a priority for me. I want to see us take teams apart like we did under Harry but with the defensive stabillity we have under AVB and I think we’re heading in the right direction. Have a look on youtube at adebayor’s goals in 11/12 – they were mostly tap ins created by Bale and Lennon (one or two by Modric) and if we had that complete attack back we wouldn’t necessarily need such an expensive striker as the goals from midfield as well as the potentially increased chances would provide the attack edge we lacked last season.

      Phew, glad I’ve got that all off my chest. Seriously, supporting Spurs these days is a stressful business, that said i’d rather have the stress of trying to get into the CL than the stress of avoiding relegation which we had a few short years ago!!!!

      Have faith Rhino – our day is coming mate and when it does all the pain we’ve gone through will make it that bit sweeter!!!!

      • David

        By the way, loved the article. Just shows what nonsense gets reported by the papers. Have highlighted this site on NewsNow!!!

        • Logan Holmes

          Thanks for that – appreciated your comments and contribution to the debate. COYS!

      • Logan Holmes

        Thanks for your response. I was never convinced Villa would come to England – much preferable to remain in Spain.
        I agree about last year’s team – it missed Modric’s creativity and ability to spread the play from one side of the pitch to the other.

        I would expect Defoe to stay as he is so useful off the bench, the only reason he may go is if we can’t find a buyer for Adebayor, then Defoe may be sold to reduce the salary costs.

        Supporting Spurs is never easy, it’s the Spurs way, and every club knows we’re after a striker or two so are not going top make it easy. Both Benteke and Damiao are over priced with neither club really wanting to sell.

        As always we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Logan Holmes

      I understand your frustrations and feel them too at negotiations taking so long. Every year I’m looking for transfers to be completed early as we’ve dropped too many points during August in last few seasons waiting for the arrival of new players.

      Benteke is a risk after one good season and Villa are asking too much for him. Damiao, I’m not sure we’ll ever sign him as his club are so difficult to deal with, constantly increasing the price.

      Every transfer window we are told Spurs are looking at options A,B and C, I just wish for once Spurs would decide on the best one and go and complete the deal. Even the Paulinho signing dragged on before final confirmation.

  • gazza

    At least David Villa had the courtesy to bring a note from his dad explaining why he couldn’t come. Now go for Damiao, not Benteke.

    • Logan Holmes

      It was very considerate of David’s dad to send in a note.

    • Steve Charlesworth

      Yeah the Spurs board are very frustrating. It should be obvious the we need a fresh striker – we would have got champs lge if we had signed one in January. Now it seems we can’t sign until we sell Adabayor he pressand surprise, surprise no body wants him. I think Damiao would be great with the players we already have but I am not building my hopes any longer. Benteke could be ok but he will be overpriced and I have doubts about some of the dodgy things he has said in the press.
      This season the PL is up for grabs – if the Chairman grew some balls and backed his excellent young manager with cash then the sky would be the limit.