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Great Week For Tottenham and Sport, Spoiled By A Childish Politician

A fantastic weekend for sport and Tottenham fans. The signing of Paulinho completed to the relief of impatient supporters, then the British Lions defeat Australia to record a series win and on Sunday Andy Murray brings to an end the 77 year wait for a British Champion in the Men’s Singles at Wimbledon. How could anyone possibly spoil that?

Summer Diary 10

Sat July 6

Hooray! At last the official Spurs website confirms the signing of Paulus (sorry, Paulinho see Diary Number 8) following the successful completion of his medical. I know you have to be careful with these things but one look at him at the Confederations Cup would have done for me). Now we just need one more top class striker and I’ll believe that we can win something next season. If it wasn’t for the ridiculous rule about 4th place getting a Champions League spot, I’d still rather win a Cup. Whatever happens if we do get a world class striker and hang on to Bale, then we cannot blame management for failing to make the necessary signings like in the last transfer window. So well done Daniel Levy and Co. Come on, just one more…

Well Done the British Lions!

A great victory for the British Lions. Always preferred the game to Rugby League. Not surprising really. I went to senior school just a mile or so from Twickenham and had to learn to play it properly every winter for 5 years on the trot. I was not really built for it but that made no difference at our school. At least that means I can appreciate a well-played game when I see it.
Hats off to the coach Warren Gatland, who stepped up to the mark as a manager and coach, made sweeping changes to the team and dropped a great player.  He was already being crucified in the media before the game.  I didn’t think the Lions would cope with so much change and thought we would lose, so the victory and especially the margin of it was a pleasant surprise. It must have felt like the icing on the cake for the 10 Welsh players who had already won the 6 Nations championship.

Sun 7 July

Congratulation to Andy Murray

Another passing shot puts Andy Murray 15-40 up at 4-4 in the third set and he leads by 2 sets to love. Takes the next point. 5-4, he comes out to a roar to serve for the Wimbledon Championship. 15-0. Reads the drop shot. 30-0. 40-0. 3 Championship points…40-15. 40-30. Is he bottling it? Deuce. Slams a return into the net. Advantage Djokovic. Break point. Deuce. I think he’s going to do it now. Net cord to Djokovic after it looked like his last shot was long. So, advantage Djokovic again. Great disguised forehand from Murray. Deuce. Brilliant cross court drop from Djokovic at the net. Advantage Djokovic again. Great serve and volley from Murray. Deuce. Crowd chants “Murray, Murray” then respectful silence. Comes back with a lob and rushes the net as Djokovic’s return hits it. Championship point again. He has done it! My God, he would not let that game go. What an effort. He goes down in history as one of the great Scots. Congratulations. When I started typing this, watching it live, I thought it would just take a couple of sentences but the game just went on and on and on!

Not So Clever!

So there I was, enjoying it with everybody else when sadly, one opportunistic politician had to lower the tone and spoil the moment. He detracted from Murray’s fantastic individual achievement by grinning like a buffoon and simultaneously displaying his combined nationalistic inferiority complex and the chip on his shoulder by shaking a Scottish flag behind the Prime Minister’s head. No class. Can you imagine Cameron doing that with the cross of St. George at the Scottish tennis championship? That’s if there is one. Did he do that to President Obama at the US Open too, I wonder? Childishly planned, like the class fool in a school photo. If he had to do it, why didn’t he hold it up in front of his own face? It’s Murray’s achievement not his after all.

In recent years, even Andy Murray himself has shown the diplomacy to acknowledge he is British, as well as Scottish, whatever he may feel inside as indicated by his earliest public statements on the matter. Salmond? Typical politician. What a banker. Excuse the typing error.


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  • disqus_vHhIc6665z

    build a bridge…..what a pointless article

  • stonnedgod .

    Are you kidding me?

  • disqus_vHhIc6665z

    btw….Warren Gatland is an idiot and clearly didnt know what he was doing or who to pick (unless they were welsh), Lions should have won the series 3-0 comfortably against a poor and injury ravaged aussie side

  • stonnedgod .

    Your more likely to see the twat at the front holding up a nazi flag. Sure he’ll have all us poorer people living in camps soon. Britain must borrow less, if you let me in I’ll borrow less and spend less to cut the deficit. But then when I’ve fooled you and you vote me in I’ll take from the poor and give to the rich, but funniest of all I’ll borrow more than any other Government in decades. I can because you were fooled and voted me in, I can because I’m a liar and a cheat and all I really care about is making loads of money out of all you poor people for me and my pals, we don’t care this country is wrecked anyway. You idiots, the career politician who instead of doing right by the country, wanted power and to secure it, he even joined forces with a party that is nothing like his own. Only power and wealth interests this buffoon, like all the others. When will people learn. They lie and don’t care one tiny bit about a single person other than themselves, their family and their dirty scheming pals. The left and the right were created to give the general public something to concentrate on while the real work was done away from all the fuss. The bankers schemed this up, so that once all the people weren’t looking the bankers stole their homes and now own our lives. But keep voting and paying taxes and working your lives away just like you’re conditioned to, so those at the top of the pyramid get stronger. If no-one voted for these liars the dodgy system wouldn’t work. We live in a different age now, so why are we using the same untrustworthy corrupt system that has always been in place? There is far too much power wealth and greed available to those that represent us (not in power) they shouldn’t get second homes and huge wages for representing us. Maybe then only those who wish to help the people would be interested, just like carers. They don’t do the job because they are getting rich from it.

    • Michelle

      Yes!!! There is an ideology that reverses all that. I believe that some fellows called Marx and Engels came up with it and while Lenin & Trotsky modified it then Stalin concreted it.
      It did just what you wanted: gave power to the people. But then only those people hungry for power managed to obtain it and in the end they were even far worse than what had been before.
      To expect a capitalist democracy to be honest and decent is like expecting the sun to never set.
      So, exactly what alternative are you offering to replace it?
      It sure as hell is not perfect but think of a better one: there isn’t.
      A benevolent dictatorship comes close but succession and its wars ruin that one fairly quickly.
      Go read Animal Farm.

  • Marcus Higgins

    the best place for a salmon is in a cold scottish river