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The Added Value Of Gareth Bale To Tottenham

The value of Gareth Bale to Tottenham is immeasurable. There is talk of a world record fee being required if he were to leave Spurs following a season when he scored 26 goals in all competitions. There is, however, the added value that Bale’s very presence at the club brings to Tottenham.

For years Tottenham have been lacking a star player who could turn a game in an instant, produce a goal out of nothing and win a game that had looked to be going away from them. Through that time I have lamented that Liverpool had Steven Gerrard as their inspiration who has carried them for much of the last decade. Manchester United had Wayne Rooney who could lift the team with his sheer belligerence and belief that they would not be beaten. Chelsea and Arsenal had their players to pull them out of a hole when all looked lost.

At last, Tottenham have found their man – Gareth Bale. Since helping Tottenham to a late rally to finish fourth in 2010, Bale has continually produced moments of genius that you would say were make believe if you hadn’t seen them with your own eyes – the hat-trick in the San Siro, running Maicon and the Inter defence ragged at White Hart Lane two weeks later and so the list of incredible match winning goals and performances goes on. Last year was filled with those moments – two perfectly placed free-kicks to frustrate Lyon in added time at both half-time and full-time in the Europa League match, a stunning winner against West Ham in the final moments at Upton Park plus the final match winner of the season at White Hart Lane against Sunderland. There are more instances of his sheer genius lifting and rescuing Tottenham which you can recall as well as I do.

There are, however, added benefits of having Gareth Bale at Tottenham. They are unquantifiable but they are as important as everything else he brings to the team.

The Fear Factor

Gareth Bale with his pace and powerful running and shooting provides goals and assists for the team but he brings even more. His very presence brings uncertainty to the opposition – they are unsue how to deal with him, will he play wide or in midfield, through the middle or will it be on the left or the right, no defender is safe assuming Bale is not their responsibility. Under Andre Villas-Boas he has added this variety to his game. In October when Chelsea arrived at White Hart Lane they must have felt so relieved to hear of Bale’s sudden departure due to the imminent birth of his baby daughter. Similarly, Everton benefited from Bale’s absence as they managed to take four points from a Tottenham team without him, out injured on both occasions the two clubs met last season.

Feel-Good Factor

Bale at Tottenham is something spectators want to see and something which sponsors are happy to play for. He brings a feel-good factor to the club. Tottenham with Bale always creates headlines and is so much more commercially sellable than a Spurs team without him. If he were to go, so would the interest of top paying companies with an accompanying drop in income for Tottenham.

Players Recognise His Worth

If the transfer of Paulinho goes through in the coming days or weeks, it’s completion, in part, will have been down to the continuing presence of Bale at White Hart Lane. The Brazilian international was quoted in press reports in various papers including the Sunday Express, saying,

“Bale is their best player, but they have made it clear to me that he is not going anywhere.”

I assume from that comment, that if Gareth Bale was not going to be at Tottenham next season, Paulinho would have been unlikely to consider moving to north London.

Hopefully, Tottenham will be able to resist offers for Bale’s transfer from persistent suitors and hold true to the promise that has been made to both Paulinho and manager, Andre Villas-Boas. Some Spurs fans on hearing of a reported bid from Real Madrid comprising money and two players, were talking on messageboards of accepting the offer but Tottenham with Bale has a much greater chance of success than a team without him.

Gareth Bale is of great value to Tottenham both on and off the pitch.


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