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Thoughts on Tottenham, David Beckham and Harry Redknapp

A week in football throws up so many issues and there is often a Tottenham connection with many of them. This past seven days has seen the announcement of David Beckham leaving LA Galaxy and Harry Redknapp probably returning to the Premier League as the manager of another London club. And then there’s the burning issue – ‘How can you do your bit to promote Tottenham’s ‘Hotspur’ magazine?

Alan Hill in his latest HotspurHQ article gives his thoughts.

David Beckham at Tottenham

Tuesday, 20th November, 2012

It has just been announced that David Beckham will leave LA Galaxy on 1st December after the Cup Final. I do not have much time for super rich footballers. Not because of the amount of money they have but because so many appear to misuse their privileged position and set a bad example.  Nevertheless, I am an unashamed Beckham fan. For me he is the exception that proves the rule. He has set a tremendous example as a man and a footballer, ever since his early show of petulance when he was little more than a boy in the World Cup game against Argentina. He showed he had learned his lesson quickly (unlike Mr. Rooney who repeats the same ‘mistakes’ again and again, particularly when England are up against it and need an exceptional performance from him the most).

Beckham – Tottenham 77

Beckham has been a fantastic role model and success wherever he has been since. If I had been good enough, I would have played for nothing for England and I believe Beckham would too. Even at my advanced age, I was excited like a little kid at the prospect of him coming to Tottenham on loan in 2010 in the warm up to the World Cup. He was pictured in Spurs kit at the training ground and that was good enough for me. I bought my first shirt in years with “Beckham 77” on it and am still proud to wear it even though Galaxy never allowed him to play a competitive game for us.

I think teaming him up with Harry as manager, using him sparingly on the pitch as a specialist, as a mentor to our youngsters and an ambassador off the pitch would have been a master stroke. He played a major part in winning us the Olympic vote which gave us the greatest sporting summer ever. He is a Londoner and by all accounts his family are Tottenham fans, so there is an emotional tie. Having said that, I have a feeling the chance has gone. For a start we aren’t in the Champions’ League. He says he wants one more big challenge. I think that could be in Paris despite all the talk of Australia. You never know but sadly, I think he will remain the one that got away…

Harry Redknapp

What are the odds of Harry Redknapp proving he can do it yet again in West London? It’s an hour’s less commuting each way from down here in sunny Bournemouth than it was to White Hart Lane…..

[Right again, Alan. QPR calling.... Editor]

Hotspur Magazine

And finally…..Have you noticed, particularly those of you who live outside of London, that the official Hotspur magazine is hard to find on the magazine shelves? Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal are all there on display. It hits you right in the eye. W H Smith usually has the Hotspur magazine but it is always hidden at the back behind the others.

I think this injustice needs to be addressed and I do my bit every month to help tidy their shelves when I make a purchase. By the time I leave the Hotspur magazines take pride of place and are the only ones you can see on the shelves in the football area. It’s a quick fix that you may like to try out yourself in your local branch to redress the balance across the country. It’s a bit of harmless fun, even worth a quick snap for the mobile. Think of it as revenge for being harassed about buying special offer chocolate every time you get to the till and being charged 1p for a plastic bag so thin that it splits and spills your mags and books over the wet pavement!

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