Tottenham can be as successful as Chelsea under Mourinho

The circumstances are entirely different, but the opportunity for Jose Mourinho with Tottenham is as it was with Chelsea. Can we bring a trophy to Spurs?

There are some similarities in the overarching theme of the club. A historic big six London club longing for a league title. Sound familiar? I’m sure hoping it does for Jose Mourinho, the next Tottenham Hotspur manager. Following the shocking and strangely timed announcement of Mauricio Pochettino’s dismissal as chief, Mourinho has a lot to do to win over Tottenham’s faithful.

Chelsea was second in the League the year prior to his succession, but they were also 11 points off the pace of then champions Arsenal. Chelsea then made up that 11 points in a hurry, topping the league over second place Arsenal by 12 points. That was a 23-point swing between the first and second place teams when Chelsea won the title on a then-record 95-point haul.

Beyond the feel-good opportunity, however, the situation is a way different at Tottenham. First, Mourinho had a summer to implement his tactics, versus the at-best three days before his first match.

Second, Mourinho is not simply starting level with the club. Tottenham are already 11 points off the pace for a top-four position and are closer to relegation than the apex. And third, while Tottenham does have a billionaire owner in Joe Lewis, this is not the same endless purse-string he had with Chelsea and most of his other former clubs.

Ultimately, as a Spurs fan I must believe that opportunity to once again prove he is “the Special One” bringing glory where it hasn’t been in so long overrides the negatives of starting mid-season, with a deficient, questionable transfer budget. After all the game is about glory, and maybe, just maybe, Jose Mourinho is the one to bring it back to Tottenham Hotspur.

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Then again, he hasn’t exactly been the Special One in recent years. It’s a gamble Levy believes is worth taking, so let’s see what transpires in the coming days and months.





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