Top five candidates to replace Pochettino at Tottenham

Whether imminent or by the end of the season, it feels more and more like the end of Mauricio Pochettino’s reign at Tottenham is near. 

Who knows when the axe is going to fall. Some postulate, if Spurs perform poorly at the London Stadium against West Ham, the hammer could fall on Pochettino as early as next week. I think not.

A more likely outcome would see Pochettino and the club part ways either in January or come season’s end.

Spurs supporters have been preparing themselves for this eventuality since the malaise started, domestically anyway, last spring. Reported “crisis meetings” between Daniel Levy and Pochettino are occurring more frequently, leading many to wonder who will be appointed as Tottenham’s next manager.

Here are the top four candidates to replace Pochettino:

1. JOSE MOURINHO – Clink link for full story.

2. JULIAN NAGELSMANN – The Times is under the impression he is Spurs top choice to replace Pochettino. Haglesmann is an industrious, highly touted German manager, his skill set sometimes likened to compatriot Jurgen Klopp’s. The RB Leipzig head coach is masterfully navigating the Bundesliga. Leipzig currently share second place in the domestic table with Bayern Munich and SC Freigburg. At only 32 years old, Nagelsmann is an ambitious manager with the confidence and poise to springboard to the next level. Manchester United are also keen in luring the German away from Leipzig. Hopefully he doesn’t end up like Spurs’ latest young managerial signing. Does the name André Villas-Boas come to mind? Nagelsmann is seen as a long-term replacement, with the gaffer keen on staying in Germany for at least the rest of the campaign.

3. EDDIE HOWE – The Bournemouth manager has been heavily linked to Arsenal in the past. He has a knack for inspiring sides to unimaginable levels. He also enjoys a risk forward, offensive style of play Tottenham could employ majestically. However, the 42-year-old is often criticized for being naïve, and not injecting the structure and discipline needed at the top level to defend by committee. While he shares with Pochettino the ability to lead and inspire, I don’t think he’s the man to take Tottenham to the apex of European football. Although I believe strongly he’s a better option than the next two candidates.

4. CARLO ANCELOTTI – The storied Italian manager has won it all. He’s won domestic titles with Chelsea, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich. Oh, and he has three Champions League titles to his name. Not a bad CV, right. I don’t think Ancelotti is a long-term solution. Like Jose Mourinho, Ancelotti knows how to get results in the immediate aftermath of being appointed at a club.

Ancelotti, however, would expect an exorbitant cheque to bring assets of his desire. And we all know how well that aligns with Daniel Levy’s tight purse strings. If Pochettino is sacked soon, look for Ancelotti as an immediate, yet temporary replacement.

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5. MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI – The former Juventus man is in high demand. Manchester United and Arsenal are showing interest in the Italian manager. Like Ancelotti, Allegri will demand bucket loads of cash to sign whomever he pleases. He’s better suited at Old Trafford, a club with way more money than sense.