What does 94 consecutive altered sides tell us about Tottenham’s Pochettino?

It’s clear, after naming 94 consecutive altered sides, that Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t have a top 11 he can consistently rely on.

You probably read the November 11 piece by the Daily Mail. If not, to sum it up concisely, the piece focusses on the fact that Pochettino hasn’t named an unchanged side in 94 straight matches. That is, admittedly, a staggering stat, shedding light on an important factor contributing to Tottenham’s toils.

The best clubs in the world have incredibly deep sides to choose from. Usually élite sides have polished replacements at each position. Invariably, though, those sides know exactly who their top 11 players are. Clearly, Mauricio does not.

Tinkering, experimenting and rotation are important parts of being a manager at the top level. But when push comes to shove, the supreme sides know exactly which 11 to turn to. It’s clear by the stats Pochettino does not.

He used to, but no longer does Pochettino know exactly – aside from Harry Kane, Son Heung-Min, Hugo Lloris (when healthy) – who to turn to.

And that’s as disconcerting as it is foreboding. While it’s obviously a blight on the gaffer, it’s also demonstrative of how few players are stepping up at Spurs. Injury, sickness and fatigue certainly have a part to play, but the lack of consistency and continuity has crippled the north London side.

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To succeed at the highest level, a team must have time to gel and crystallize into one formidable beast. Chopping and changing – no matter the reason – causes debilitating discontinuity which invariably leads to comprehensively displeasing results.


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