Is anyone else tired of Danny Rose’s antics at Tottenham?

Danny Rose has served Tottenham well during his time at Tottenham, but the Englishman’s propensity to spill the beans to the media is unacceptable. 

While I’m all for being candid and forthright, there’s suitable avenues to spout your frustration and displeasure. Crying to the media is not one of them. All too often Rose disrespects the club he’s employed by. Every time Rose goes directly to the media with his personal gripes, he makes his position with the club more untenable. And frankly, it’s incredibly unprofessional.

Everyone knows Daniel Levy and Spurs’ top brass wants the malady that is Rose gone. While his antics have always been unacceptable, his petulance was tolerated when he was performing like a wizard down the left flank. Those glorious days are long gone. With every match Rose becomes more erratic and more prone to a cataclysmic mistake. His on-field worth has diminished considerably, with the Englishman viewed more now as a liability than an asset.

With his latest unnecessary interview, Rose has created further discord with the club’s top brass. And although Rose unequivocally says he is staying at Tottenham until his contract expires in 2021, he may find himself playing an increasingly marginalized role at the club. It’s no wonder no other clubs want him.

Unfortunately Tottenham still need Rose’s services. Ben Davies is no longer good enough to take the brunt of the club’s left back responsibilities. And Pochettino is reluctant about giving Ryan Sessegnon his shot. However, when Sessegnon eventually breaks into the first team, which he will, Rose, invariably, will find himself increasingly on the outside looking in.

And based on his childish predisposition to go crying to the media along with his recent abject on-field performances, would you blame Spurs for benching and quarantining their uncooperative troublemaker?

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In my opinion, the incendiary Englishman has become more trouble than he’s worth.

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