Tottenham Toronto Supporters Club [courtesy of Facebook] [Photo: Richard Davis]

The Tale Of The Tottenham Win On Facebook

Comment on the Tottenham win at West Ham through the wonders of modern technology and courtesy of Facebook messages between Toronto and Bournemouth.

Regular readers will be used to my “tale of the texts” that we sometimes publish as what I hope you find an amusing diversion from the full match reports delivered by our editor Logan. They are normally between my nephew and me when he is at a match that I cannot get to. Today, through the wonders of modern technology, we take it a step further with Facebook messages between Toronto Canada (yes, Canada) and Bournemouth where I was watching Sky Sports News updates.

Nephew Richard (R): Watching Spurs game with the Toronto Tottenham supporters club while Victoria and Julia work on wedding plans. True love

Me: Thanks for your text. You are better off than us. The game is not on live here. You probably know United lost 2 – 1 to Swans. I am coming to both the QPR and the Liverpool games.

R: Ah I forgot it isn’t on tv there. It’s early morning here so having breakfast is throwing me! Great result for Swansea. Part of the trip here is was to agree wedding date (for travel to UK) and we are going for Sat October 11th which also misses any Spurs games!!! (Me thinking “Attaboy!”) Official invite to follow but please save the date!

Me: Sure. Will keep diary clear. Any idea where it’ll be?

R: Bournemouth

Me: Gets better and better! Looking forward to wedding list already! Ha Ha Collins off!

R: Something to cheer about!!

R: Last 30mins will be good now we are on level playing field

R: We just had a free kick and a fan ran in and took the kick! Downing has been dangerous and Rose can’t contain him. Bring back Benny Assou-Ekotta

R: Goal!!!!!!! 93rd min Dier goes round keeper!! Great knish for a right back

Me: Yes!! Dier. Hahahahahahaha! What’s a knish?

R: Finish

Me: Only joking! Yaay full time!

R: We are top of the league

Me: What I like to call equal first.

R: Pfff details

Me: Bournemouth have beaten Brentford. QPR lost to Hull. Austin missed pen

R: Good result for Leicester

R: Right that’s breakfast done. Time to go check out Toronto!

West Ham 0 Tottenham 1


Vanishing spray faux pas

vspray2Ha Ha. We have just witnessed the first vanishing spray faux pas in the 40th minute of the Arsenal game. There seemed to be a bit of a blockage as Cazorla prepared to the take a free kick. The ref gave the can a shake but forgot to point it back at the floor when he tested it. The wind promptly blew the spouting spray mace-like into Cazorla’s face. He shook his head ruefully. Boy, it looked like it stung.

I can picture the headlines now. “Arsenal star rushed to hospital with blurred vision at half time following referee’s gaffe with vanishing spray.” Just as I am typing this the Ford Fiesta advert is playing and the robotic female voice says “forgive him, he is an idiot”. Perfect timing.

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