Spurs Quiz: Team Of Tottenham Scotland Players

The Spurs quiz on Tottenham Scotland players  – Spurs players who have played for Scotland at full international level. You will be able to name immediately some legendary Spurs players who represented their country.

I will give you the initials of 11 Tottenham players who are Scotland internationals for you to identify. There will be a question about each of the players and the answers can be found at the link after the question. You get one point for the player’s name and 1 for answering each question correctly. There are some Tottenham Legends among the Scotland players and they enjoyed good times at White Hart Lane.

Quiz: The Tottenham Scotland Players

The team is set out in a 3-4-3 formation.


1.  The Scotland international goalkeeper was signed by Tottenham from Dundee but which club did he join after 7 very successful years with Spurs?  Answer


2.  On leaving Spurs which club did he join?  Answer


3.  From which club did Tottenham sign this central defender?  Answer


4.  in 1997 this central defender scored for Tottenham in a Boxing Day defeat against which club?  Answer


5.  From which Scottish club did Bill Nicholson sign this winger?  Answer


6.  A Tottenham Legend who scored on his Spurs debut. Against which team did he score that goal?  Answer

Dave Mackay

Dave Mackay


7.  Against which team did this player break his leg for a second time but fought back to lead Spurs to more success?  Answer


8.  Against which team did this player start his first match for Tottenham, several months after signing for the club?  Answer

S: A G

9.  In which game did this player score two goals against Spurs which possibly persuaded the manager to bring him to White Hart Lane?  Answer

S: S A

10.  Against which teams did this striker score in Cup Finals for Tottenham?  Answer  Answer

S:  G D

11.  This Scottish international striker scored a hat-trick in the league for Spurs at White Hart Lane. Against which team?  Answer

Subs: Neil Sullivan, John Duncan, Sandy Brown, Alan Brazil


The answers can be found at the links in the question.

How did you get on?

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  • chris

    Spurs certainly had some good players from Scotland. There are 3 I remember ‘escaped’. Bill Nicholson wrote in his autobiography that he tried to sign Denis Law from Huddersfield but Bill Shankly would not let him go. That was just before the double, and I think they signed Les Allen instead. Then in 1963 they wanted Alex Scott from Rangers, but he went to Everton in the end. Finally I remember in early 1970 being quite excited about maybe Peter Cormack to Spurs. In the end they bought Martin Peters, and Cormack ended up at Liverpool a year or two later.

    • Logan Holmes

      According to the newspaper reports of the time, the signing of Alex Young was a ‘done deal’ until he decided to join Everton at the last minute.

      Spurs have had many good Scottish players in their trophy winning teams from the 1901 FA cup side to Alan Hutton (?) in the 2008 Carling Cup win.

      • chris

        You may be right about Alex Young, but Alex Scott certainly made the last minute switch to Everton. Alex Young signed for Everton in November 1960, can’t see Spurs trying to sign him at that stage somehow. As I say, you may be right, but I’m not convinced !

        • Logan Holmes

          Your right, Chris – got my Alexs mixed up it was Alex Scott in February, 1963. Thanks for that.