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Tottenham: Spurs New Stadium: Question Asked In Parliament

A question was asked in Parliament over the delay on the decision about the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) related to Spurs new stadium.

Any progress on Spurs new stadium is delayed while the the Department of Communities and Local Government make a decision about the CPO Haringey Borough Council have sought to place on the site occupied by Archway Sheet Metal Work. The purchase of this piece of land adjacent to White Hart Lane is the last piece of the jig-saw which would allow work to commence on the building of Spurs new stadium.


Haringey Borough Council submitted the application in September, 2012 and an article on the This Is Local London website reports that on Monday Tottenham MP David Lammy asked the Department of Communities and Local Government when a decision would be made on the issue.

The decision is in the hands of the Secretary of State Eric Pickles but in response to Mr Lammey’s question, Nick Boles MP, Parliamentary under-secretary for planning described the matter as “complex”.

He said,

This is a complex case. After the close of the inquiry there were matters in respect of which further views of the interested parties were sought and considered. This has delayed the decision in this case.

Interestingly, Mr Boles revealed that the average tine taken by the department to make a decision on granting a CPO was ten to 11 weeks. The question regarding the Archway Sheet Metal Work site which is delaying the commencement of work on Spurs new stadium has been with the Department for almost 2 years, Haringey Council having submitted its application to the department in September 2012.

The best news that Mr Boles was able to  give Tottenham was that a decision would be made “shortly” but that he was unable to comment further on the matter.

The stadium work is linked to the council’s Northumberland Park Development project and the regeneration of the area around the new ground.


So frustrated has one Tottenham supporter become that he recently set up a petition urging Mr Pickles and his department to complete the inquiry related to Spurs new stadium.

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  • jim

    This sounds a bit too close to call. Strange that such a huge project should have got so far without quite all the ducks in a row.

    • Logan Holmes

      Agreed and unfortunately a positive decision on the CPO mightn’t be the end of it as there’s opposition from local businesses in relation to other aspects of the scheme. Nothing with THFC is ever straightforward.

      • jim

        I suppose it comes down to price. If the CPO goes through it’s probably one price, but if it doesn’t it’s probably a sky high price. Would Spurs play ball, or say no, we’ll look to build elsewhere.

      • jim

        To be fair, I read an Arsenal director apparently said they would not have embarked on the Emirates project had they realised how complex it would be. Having got through it though, they are pleased they persevered.

  • jim

    The root of the issue with the CPO could turn on the question of public good v. private gain. Is there enough public good in the project to offset all the private gain. A complex point.