Tottenham Quiz: Spurs 'W' Team: Players Whose Surnames Begin With....

The Tottenham ‘W’ Team quiz – Spurs players past and present whose surnames begin with the letter ‘W’.

I will give you the initials of 11 Tottenham players whose surnames begin with the letter ‘W’. There will be a question about each of the players in the ‘W’ Team and the answers can be found at the link to the question.

You get one point for the player’s name and 1 for answering each question correctly.

Enjoy the quiz.

Tottenham Quiz – The Spurs ‘W’ Team


1.  The second of Tottenham’s three goalkeepers who have been involved in a successful penalty shoot-out for the club. Against which team he did become the hero by saving a penalty which enabled Spurs to go on and win the shoot-out?  (1 point)  Answer


2.  A ‘Man of the Match’ award on his England debut. Against which team did he make his first appearance in a full international?  (1 point)  Answer


3.  From which team did Tottenham sign this central defender?  (1 point)  Answer


4.  The centre-half in Tottenham’s FA Cup wining team in 1921, which London team did he join on leaving White Hart Lane?  (1 point)  Answer


5.  The left back was used as an emergency left winger in an FA Cup tie in 1953 and scored twice as Spurs earned a 2 – 2 draw. Against which northern team did he make his mark?  (1 point)  Answer

Sonny Waters [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Sonny Waters [Photo: Logan Holmes]


6.  A goal scoring winger in the Push and Run team, he scored the only goal in an FA Cup 6th Round 2nd Replay in 1953 against which team.  (1 point)  Answer

C M: K W

7.  This young player started as a winger at Tottenham but later played in central midfield and as a striker, playing 4 games for England. Against which team did he make his Spurs debut in the mid-1960s?  (1 point)  Answer

C M: J W

8.  A Tottenham Legend, against which team did he make his final league appearance for Spurs, scoring the only goal of the game?  (1 point)  Answer


9.  This winger scored twice in his first league appearance for Tottenham. Against which team was his debut?  (1 point)  Answer

S: V W

10.  This ‘Gentleman Footballer’ from Tottenham’s early years was a member of the Spurs team in their first season in the Football League. Having won promotion, he decided to retire but later played for which other London club?  (1 point)  Answer

S: P W

11.  From which team did Tottenham sign this striker?  (1 point)  Answer

Subs: Arthur Willis, Steve Walford, Simon Webster, Tony Want, Clive Wilson, Charlie Wilson


The answers can be found at the links in the question.

How did you get on?

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