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Tottenham Manager: Not LVG, Frank de Boer Unlikely, Pochettino Next

With two of Tottenham’s targets for manager, Louis van Gaal and Frank de Boer, appearing to be out of reach, should Spurs decide to sack Tim Sherwood, Mauricio Pochettino could be left as the leading contender.


With the news in the media that a deal has been reached to take Tottenham’s original target, Louis van Gaal, to Old Trafford, Spurs options to secure a suitable replacement for Tim Sherwood have been reduced. This comes as no surprise as van Gaal was clearly looking for as high a profile appointment as he could get once he decided to leave his role as coach to the Netherlands after the World Cup Finals.


The next favourite among fans was Frank de Boer, the Ajax manager, who spoke last week of an approach by Tottenham. Spurs denied any approach the following day but the Ajax manager insisted that there had been contact between Tottenham and the Dutch champions. Having said that he would be prepared to listen to an offer was no indication that de Boer was considering a move to England.

Going public and the denial by Spurs hasn’t created the best atmosphere for any negotiations that may have taken place at the end of the season with Daniel Levy thought to dislike club matters being openly discussed through the media.

A journalist, Paul Smith, tweeted today, playing down any chance of a deal for Frank de Boer.

Yesterday, the unlikely target was Roberto Martinez from Everton with speculation in the media. The compensation to be paid to the Merseyside club could have proved a problem as Martinez has only been at Everton for a year along with the manager’s concerns about how much time he was likely to be given at White Hart Lane.

Smith was equally derisory about speculation about that approach being successful, tweeting, what could be described as a fairly realistic view on that particular rumour.


Southampton’s Mauricio Pochettino would appear to be leading the field for the manager’s hot-seat at Tottenham, with Paul Smith tweeting,

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  • http://hotmail.co.uk flashman

    Oh God is there anyone left that our”fans”can yes please over.I for one am sick of this s##t.Give Sherwood his contract time.COYSaT

    • Logan Holmes

      I don’t think that is going to happen. All reports suggest that Tim Sherwood is on his way out of WHL.

  • Shite Fart Drain

    levy should have got a Letter of Intent from van Gaal before Man Ure sacked Moyes, but again levy has his head stuck up his ar5e wondering what to do next!!! Joe Lewis(whoever the fak he is), needs to grow a pair and get rid of levy…..Spuds will go nowhere whilst levy is playing at being Chief Executive or whatever the fak theses jumped up little ponces like to call themselves nowadays!!! I supported Spurs for 47 years until watching the piss-poor performances after chucking £111,000,000 down the fakkin drain….this club needs a new manager and another process of “team rebuilding”, yet this was supposed to be happening for the last 5 years!!! Fuk Spurs, I watch Man City now….a team with a winners mentality, notlike the losers that “play” for levy!!!!