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Reaction of Tim Sherwood To Tottenham's Defeat At West Ham

The reaction of Tim Sherwood in his post-match interview to Tottenham’s defeat at West Ham was calm and considered unlike previous games earlier in the season.

The journalist Liam Twomey (@liam_twomey) reported Tim Sherwood’s reaction to Tottenham’s defeat, the third time Spurs have lost to West Ham this season.  The manager insisted that he was not too displeased with the display.

not too displeased with the performance

Speaking after the game at Upton Park, Tim Sherwood’s reaction to the defeat was reported on the club’s Twitter account (@SpursOfficial). He spoke about Younes Kaboul’s dismissal, saying,

The game is full of ifs and buts. Unfortunately we had a red card, no complaints, but what was difficult was the goal straight after.

The second goal just before half-time was a severe blow to Spurs’ chances of making a recovery and was a poor goal to concede which Sherwood admitted, saying,

The second goal was a mistake from the lads. They know that. After that, we had a mountain to climb.

His comments about the second goal were reported on Twitter by Liam Twomey. Sherwood said of Paulinho and Emmanuel Adebayor who were in the wall for the free-kick but moved, opening up a gap through which Downing was able to score.

It wasn’t great but I spoke to them. They don’t need me to point it out, they know it’s an error.

@SpursOfficial reported Sherwood’s comments on the second half. He said,

We created a few half-chances in the second half and if one had gone in, it might have been an edgy finish for them.

Few players came out of the game with much credit but Hugo Lloris managed to prevent the defeat turning into another embarrassing scoreline with a number of outstanding saves. Sherwood said of Lloris,

Hugo was top class. He keeps his consistency, his level of professionalism and his performance was of the highest level.

Further comments from the manager were reported by Liam Twomey, with the red card being a major turning point, although I find it difficult to agree with his assessment that Spurs had been “comfortable” to that point.

The game changed on the red card. Before that we were comfortable and had the best chance of the game. It was the right decision. I don’t think Michael was getting round enough, so no complaints.

My reading of the game was that the West Ham high ball tactics were a constant source of trouble to the Tottenham defence and it was only a matter for time before West Ham scored. The home side, with their high-energy play, totally dominated and never allowed Spurs to get into the match



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