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Tottenham Win And A Weekend Full Of Good Decisions - Well Mostly

Alan’s Diary reviews Tottenham’s win at Stoke and a weekend of good decisions in the rest of the Premier League matches.

Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary continued

A Weekend Full of Good Decisions – Well Mostly

Saturday 23 April

Yet another win for Tim Sherwood. Hugo Lloris saved when called upon, as usual. Once Danny rose and headed it in (see what I did there?), Stoke reverted to type, roughing him up at every opportunity. This time they made Shawcross their main hit man, drawing attention away from Charlie Adam but at least he got sent off. Danny Rose was lucky not to go too after reacting to the latest assault. Tim wise to substitute him.

Man United take a half to get going but eventually give Ryan Giggs the start he needs. Wayne Rooney mis-kick and all. His family must be delighted and proud; brother, sister-in-law…

Sunday 24 April

Looking forward to 3 matches on Sky should take the sting out of this God awful cold/cough. Still, I appear to be in good company; Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, judging by their bunged-up performances at their press conferences. Rooting for Cardiff, Liverpool and Palace…

What an afternoon!  Mourinho back in technical genius mode. His Chelsea successfully put the shackles on what has been a rampant Liverpool and came away with a 2-0 win. Just like they did to Manchester City. Brendan Rodgers says “they parked two buses” but it worked.

Wickham Wonder-ers

Couldn’t resist that one. Sunderland  comfortably beat Cardiff with another two goals from Connor Wickham. Cardiff defender Juan Cala discovers you can’t con a Wickham, despite pulling him back outside the area and continuing to do so inside it.

Phil Dowd made a perfect penalty decision, so unusual in these situations. He saw the penalty and played advantage. When it didn’t work he called play back, awarded the pen and sent the offender off. Spot on. A great example for his colleagues.  It might have been so different if in the first half Dowd had spotted that Wes Brown deliberately rolled over onto Campbell’s legs as he fell down following an aerial challenge in the penalty area. The TV commentator said, “that was an accident”. Within a minute I received a text from Big Welsh Steve, “Accident my a*se!” Exactly.

Two games to go. Wouldn’t it be great if Arsenal won one and drew one and we won both of ours to get 4th place? That would make Van Gaal think twice. Stranger things have happened. I probably wouldn’t even begrudge them an FA Cup win if that happened………. Yes I would.

Player of the Season Awards

Suarez gets the Players’ Player of the Season. No argument from me there. Except if there were any morals in football, Liverpool would have sacked him before the season started. Hazard gets Young Player of the Year. That should shut Mourinho up for 5 minutes. No Manchester United or Arsenal players in the team of the year for the first time ever. Another good decision.

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