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Back To The Drawing Board For Tottenham In Search For New Manager

It looks as if Daniel Levy and Tottenhham will have to start again in their search for a new manager as it appears that their first choice, Louis Van Gaal has opted for the managerial hot-seat at Old Trafford.

A report in the Dutch press has heralded Louis Van Gaal as the new manager at Old Trafford to replace David Moyes who was sacked earlier this week.

The manager of the Dutch international team had been thought to be the first choice of Tottenham Chairman, Daniel Levy, when Andre Villas-Boas was sacked last December. Van Gaal, however, would not consider taking up an appointment until after the World Cup finals in the summer. While Tim Sherwood was appointed on an 18-month contract that has always been considered to be as a matter of convenience with him expected to leave at the end of the season.

It is thought that Spurs have continued to keep an eye on the van Gaal situation and with the realisation that other managerial positions were liable to become vacant in the summer, it was always a long shot that Spurs would be first choice for van Gaal should he have the opportunity to go elsewhere. It’s not a great surprise, therefore, to hear that he may have opted for Old Trafford rather than White Hart Lane.

It looks as if history could be repeating itself with Tottenham again being the losers in the contest with Manchester United to appoint a new manager. In 1984, Tottenham Chairman, Irving Scholar had agreed with Alex Ferguson to take over as the new manager at Tottenham to replace Keith Burkinshaw. The Scot later decided to remain at Aberdeen and two seasons later moved to Old Trafford, the rest is history.

New Tottenham Targets

The Southampton manager, Mauricio Pochettino is thought to be among the favourites to take charge at White Hart Lane. The Mirror have reported him as number 1 choice with David Moyes as an outsider. The Spurs fans at Stoke made it clear what they thought about a possible appointment of Moyes and it wasn’t favourable. Ben Rosenthal tweeted:

The name of Rafa Benitez keeps being put forward with former Liverpool captain, Phil Thompson saying, from @HotspurRelated,

Rafa is a top quality coach who did a great job at Chelsea under great pressure. If they do decide to go for him at Spurs then from what I hear he would jump at the chance of taking the job.

Rafa Benitez was one of the managers whose name was in the frame when Harry Redknapp was replaced by Andre Villas-Boas. He is an experienced manager who knows English football and is a winner.

It is unlikely that Tottenham will have a new manager in place any time soon. With the World Cup on the horizon, the thoughts of some of the possible candidates will be focused on that and a decision could be delayed until later in the summer which is not the best of preparation for the new season.

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  • Brian Draycott

    go for Rafa – by all accounts he would like to come!!!

    • Logan Holmes

      He was reported to be very interested when AVB was appointed. Rafa wouldn’t be a bad choice – should have the respect of the players. COYS!

  • jim

    The top 7 on The Sack Race are, in order, Pochettino, de Boer, Van Gaal, Moyes, Allegri, Benitez, Mancini. I wouldn’t rule out Van Gaal just yet, because Giggs could secure the United job full time. Was not keen on Benitez at first, but warming to him a little. Still quite like Pochettino, and would be interested to know more of why Laudrup’s time at Swansea ended, after a good start.

  • flashman

    Keep the man we’ve got FFS,how good will Pochetino be when his present strike force has been sold?Thats funny inexperienced manager might get the united job full time,we on the other habd want a new manager a week,Laudrup after a good start just kept losing,yep lets go for him.Or lets get a dutch tart who’d sell themselves to the highest bidder,you were all moaning Portoplonker needed more time he got 18 months ,Sherwood deserves the same.COYS

    • Logan Holmes

      It’s a difficult decision that Daniel Levy faces once again but he should be used to it by now. I know what you’re saying about Sherwood but he seems to have burned too many bridges and alienated too many people in his short time in charge. So many fans are set against him that it could be troublesome getting support for such a decision.

      • flashman

        Judging by the comments I’ve read over the last few days I am very far from alone,what you hear is the toxic efforts who moan about everything,they are not a majority.Spurs suppoerters support Sherwood as they should.If you youthink Sherwoods alienated people you should take a look at van Gaal,hopefully Manu can bear the brunt of his lunacyCOYS

        • Logan Holmes

          I’ve always wondered how LVG would work with Daniel Levy.

          Opinions on Spurs messageboards and social media are set against Sherwood. It’s fair enough him speaking his mind but he seems to have got on the wrong side of some of the players which is never a good idea – players make or break a manager.

          On results, he deserves more time but the team’s non-performance against top sides hasn’t helped him.

          Great to hear your thoughts. COYS!