Tottenham: What's The Verdict on StubHub Now?

The announcement that Tottenham Hotspur had entered into an exclusive partnership with StubHub, to provide season ticket holders with the only facility by which they can pass on their seat for any matches they cannot attend caused major concern among fans at the beginning of the season.

StubHub-for-BlackBerry-10Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary (continued)

With the 2013-14 season drawing to a close what is the feeling of fans about StubHub?

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Stub Hub improvements

They are changing the rules for the use of StubHub for the better.

  • They are preventing buyers of White Hart Lane tickets from re-selling them. A good thing to prevent profiteering.
  • Another good thing that is not being trumpeted so loudly is that they appear to have removed the “double commission” whammy.

Until recently, they not only charged the buyer commission, they also charged fees of the seller, pushing the price up by about £25.00. When I sold my last ticket, I was not charged commission. Let’s hope that is a deliberate change too. It will mean sellers will have to charge approx. £12.00 less to recoup face value for their seat for the day.

A Further Improvement Needed

All that remains for them to do is to restrict sellers to selling at face value in the first place and halve StubHub’s commission and we will have something approximating a fair system.

What’s Your View Now?

At the start of the season supporters expressed very strong views opposed to the club using StubHub. What are your thoughts now about the system as the season draws to a close?

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