Tim Sherwood [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Tim Sherwood Admits To What Tottenham Fans Have Known All Season

Tim Sherwood has finally admitted to what Tottenham supporters have known all season. He doesn’t know what is Spurs best team and I suggest, neither did Andre Villas-Boas.

The departure of Gareth Bale last summer and the arrival of seven new players at Tottenham as Andre Villas-Boas, aided or hindered by Technical Director, Franco Baldini, and Chairman Daniel Levy, attempted to create a new Spurs team has proved extremely problematic. So difficult has it been that AVB lost his job and in all likelihood so will Tim Sherwood come the end of the season.

Last weekend, Tim Sherwood finally admitted to the fact that he didn’t know his best team. This admission will not have come as a surprise to any Tottenham supporter as we have witnessed a season where the team has been constantly changed with no clearly defined playing pattern to be seen.

The arrival of seven players in the August transfer window, none of whom had any experience of playing in the Premier League became a major issue as they struggled to adapt to the rigours and demands of English football. Villas-Boas had a very defensive system which initially brought results but the style of play was slow and ponderous with teams quickly recognising that a blanket defence would strangle Tottenham’s creativity.

It appeared with last summer’s signings that AVB had a plan to use power and strength as a major weapon in midfield but it failed to produce the domination expected in midfield or the creativity once they reached the opposition penalty area. The new players needed time to develop in a settled team but with the frequent changes that was impossible. AVB tinkered and constantly rotated players in the forlorn hope of finding a solution but it never came.

Following his departure, Tim Sherwood discovered the same problem. He couldn’t decide upon a team that would play as he envisioned a Spurs team should perform and so the changes in selection continued. The team selected for the game at West Bromwich was the first time that the same team was selected for two consecutive teams and that only lasted until half-time when Vlad Chiriches was withdrawn following a very poor display.

BBC Sport reported from last week’s press conference as Tim Sherwood said,

I have assessed the players more than anyone. I could not tell you the best 11 players at Tottenham. They’re are all so similar, much of a muchness regarding the same quality.

The only players who were omitted from this were goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, striker Emmanuel Adebayor who was restored to the team on Sherwood’s appointment and recently Christian Eriksen.

The Daily Mail reported Tim Sherwood saying,

Our two exceptions are the goalkeeper and Emmanuel Adebayor. Christian Eriksen is getting there, you can’t leave him out at the moment.

If Tim Sherwood doesn’t know his best starting 11, perhaps you could help. What do you regard as Spurs best XI this season?


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  • Surespur

    I think you’re spot on, Logan however, coming out

    • Logan Holmes

      I think it’s all part of ‘I’ll not be here next season’ so I’ll speak my mind and tell it as it is. As Martin Samuel said in yesterday’s Daily Mail, it makes the post-match press conferences more interesting than the game.

      Lack of experience in handling top players has been his difficulty from the out-set. Good managers keep it all in-house and only occasionally in extreme circumstances do issues reach the public. Since Sherwood took over there have been problems with the attitude of the team as a whole and individual players. We’re marking time to the end of the season and need an experienced manager appointed who the players will respect and respond to and in the meantime trust we don’t lose any of our best players.

  • madhat

    I think that the plan from the beginning was to have a team that was capable of competing on multiple fronts with depth. Taking in to account injuries and players run of form, the team that AVB and Baldini put together had the potential to do that but AVB’s lack of faith in many of the new signings and now Sheerwoods make it up as you go approach has left many wondering what our best IX team is. The fact is we have two sides when fit that are both very good, but the personnel were brought in to play a specific position and Sheerwood has changed the formations that we had bought players for (4-2-3-1) and is trying to fit square pegs into round holes which has lead to this confusion of what our best XI is. We are still a couple of pieces short but the bulk of a very good side is there with the right manager.
    Our best XI IMHO in 4-2-3-1. St. Robert and Ade, LM, Chadli and Siggy, AM, Eriksen and Holtby, RM, Townsend and Lennon, CM, Dembele, and Paulinho, DM, Sandro and Capoue, LW, Rose and Fryers, CB, Verts and Vlad, Dawson and Kaboul, RW, Walker and Naughton, G, Lloris and Friedal.
    Spurs still need to upgrade in a few spots and I would be looking to upgrade at RM (Lennon is done), LW (Rose is ok as a number 2), and CB (Dawson and Kaboul), and Striker (Ade I don’t trust to give the effort if Tim goes). If the new managers play the team as they were set up then we can be a top four team.

    • Logan Holmes

      The idea of a large squad to cope with Europa League games was sound thinking but when the ‘chosen’ XI for PL games failed to produce results and performances, AVB started to mix and match. He struck with Soldado in the league games but failed to provide him with the support needed to create goal scoring opportunities.

      Then some of the players who looked quite good against the weaker opposition in European games felt they should be in the team for league games but found it more difficult which brought constant changes.

      Tim Sherwood then changed the system and with injuries needed players to play in unfamiliar roles which has brought tensions within the team.

      On paper we have a capable squad, they need a system/formation that works for them with one or two new players to strengthen at left back and a striker.

      • jim

        Agree that our squad doesn’t need a major overhaul this summer. Sell players that really don’t want to be around, and strengthen clear weaknesses, as you say. The new manager would then know better in summer 2015 if bigger changes are required.

  • http://hotmail.co.uk flashman

    No he has no difficulty handling top players,he tells em like it is and if they dont like it and dont pull for the team then you dont play.Ferguson didnt need to make a noise all his players were s##t scared of him and they played their best,he retired ,Moyes took over the players wernt scared of him and look what happened.Yup lets get a so called supersrar manager ,the last one wasnt much cop,keep shoot on sight Tim,he the man