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Tottenham Quiz: Spurs 'S' Team: Players Whose Surnames Begin With...

The Tottenham ‘S’ Team quiz – Spurs players whose surnames begin with the letter ‘S’. You will findTottenham players from past and present and with so many players to select from it would have been possible to list a second team.

I will give you the initials of 11 Tottenham players whose surnames begin with the letter ‘S’. There will be a question about each of the players and the answers can be found on the link at the question.

You get one point for the player’s name and 1 for answering each question correctly.

Enjoy the quiz.

Tottenham Quiz – The Spurs ‘S’ Team


1.  This goalkeeper got the new year off to a bad start when he was sent off in the first game of 2001 at White Hart Lane. Who were Spurs’ opponents?  (1 point)  Answer


2.  This right back scored a memorable goal to win a London derby. Against which team did he score the goal?  (1 point)  Answer


3.  The central defender scored his only Tottenham goal against a former club in a League Cup tie. Against which team did he score that goal?  (1 point)  Answer


4.  A defender, one of 3 brothers who played in a league match for Tottenham in their early days in the Football League. What were the names of his two brothers and who were the opponents when they all played together in the same Spurs team, the only time it has happened in the club’s history?  (3 points)  Answer


5.  The left back joined Tottenham in the summer from a northern club. Four months later he was due to play for Spurs against another northern club but on the morning of the match was transferred to Tottenham’s opponents and played against Spurs that afternoon. Which club did he join?  (1 point)  Answer


6.  He played in a FA Cup winning team for Tottenham and scored in a losing semi-final. Who were Spurs opponents in that semi-final?  (1 point)  Answer


7.  Against which team did this central midfield player score his first Tottenham goal and followed it up with ‘wild’ celebrations?  (1 point)  Answer


8.  Which club did this midfield player join on leaving Tottenham and what was significant about the transfer?  (1 point)  Answer

S:  T S

9.  Against which team did this striker score his first Tottenham hat-trick?  (1 point)  Answer

S. B S

10.  How many goals did this England centre-forward score for Tottenham?  [206, 207  or 208] (1 point)  Answer

S: F S

11.  A young striker who made his debut in the ‘Double’ season, against which team did he score his first goal for Spurs?  (1 point)  Answer

Subs: Hans Segers, Gordon Smith, Kevin Scott, Graeme Souness, John Smith, Gary Stevens, Louis Saha, Roberto Soldado


The answers can be found at the links in the question.

How did you get on?

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