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Tottenham Only Or Do You Want To See English Clubs Win In Europe?

As a Tottenham fan do you want to see other English clubs win in European competitions? Or, are you like me and it’s Tottenham only.

The media appears to think that every football supporter wants Chelsea to win the Champions League. They will wax lyrical if Manchester United manage to progress to the Champions League semi-finals tonight by defeating Bayern Munich in Germany. Sorry, but I was disgusted when Chelsea scored their second goal in the 87th minute to reach the semi-finals – I knew deep down that it was going to happen but hoped it wouldn’t.

As far as I’m concerned, my interest lies in Tottenham and doesn’t extend to supporting other English teams in European competitions. It doesn’t just go back to wanting Chelsea to lose the 2012 Champions League Final so that Spurs would qualify for the next season’s competition, I’ve always felt like this.

I suspect that supporters of Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United or any other club in the Premier League have no desire to see Tottenham enjoying any success in Europe either – it’s not a one way feeling.

Twitter had various discussions last night on this subject when some Tottenham fans were backing Chelsea in the game against PSG. I just couldn’t bring myself to want another English team to do well, even if it’s seen as benefiting English football’s standing in European soccer or reputation in world football.

Do You Want To See English Clubs Win In Europe?

Tottenham Only Or Do You Want To See English Clubs Win In Europe?

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  • Al Boy

    It depends on the team tbh.

    If it’s cheatski, woolwich,or wet spam (not they are gonna qualify for Europe anytime soon) I want them to get knocked out as early as possible.

    If it’s Man Utd or Liverpool I want them to do well, but not actually win the competition, mainly to keep the PL UEFA coefficient strong. Reaching the semis is fine with me.

    I wish every other PL team all the best in Europe.
    I would not have minded seeing Swansea win the Europa this season, and how could I begrudge Everton having a good run in Europe next season for example.

  • Parklane

    As Al Boy says – depends on which team is playing – Asre & Chelski no way, anyone else – not too fussed