Hugo Lloris [Photo: Alan Hill]

There's Hope For Sunderland - It's Tottenham Next!

As Sunderland battle against relegation, there’s hope for Gus Poyet and his team – it’s Tottenham next in the Premier League.

Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary continued

Sunday night

On MOTD 2 Mark Lawrenson said,

Hugo Lloris was Tottenham’s best player today. The other ten were SH…AMEFUL.

The presenter looked momentarily shocked, he thought Lawrenson was going to say they were sh*t.

Hope For Sunderland

Sunderland lost one of their games in hand to West Ham on Monday night which makes it 1 point in March from 5 league games since the League Cup defeat. As they struggle to get away from the relegation zone they must fear that the jinx of the League Cup Final is going to strike again.

There is a silver lining to every cloud, including Gus Poyet’s. Sunderland get to play us next. It shows what Spurs fans think of the team at the moment. Tickets for this Monday night televised game still have not sold out with 5 days to go.

Sunderland, West Bromwich Albion, Fulham, Aston Villa… they must all be rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of playing us, seeing it as the game that gives them the best chance of a “surprise” 3 points in their bid  for survival.

Speaking after his team’s home defeat by West Ham, Poyet said in his post match interview with BBC Sport,

We are not going to give up, we have shown tonight that we will not give up. If I see a team out there not trying and not putting effort in I will leave straight away, I did not see that and we will continue fighting.

Fold into the mix that we will also be playing Stoke City going for their highest Premier League position ever and West Ham United who will be aiming to get a hat-trick of wins over us this season, we are looking at total meltdown.

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  • FatherJack

    Sorry I must be mistaken, looking at that picture I thought the author was a Spurs fan. Another article by a so-called fan who claims to have been Tottenham for decades, probably true but these people seem to have long term memory loss. Somewhere in their brains they think we’ve been title winners for years and this season is the worst in living memory instead of only a few years ago we averaged 10th/11th and now for a few seasons look at the top 4. The games we have left are so winnable and the type of games we’ve been winning this season, I mean we have won 17, we had to have beaten someone. The big hurt defeats have been against Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool and looking at the table oh look the title challenges, still no excuse but it’s better than against Fulham or Cardiff. But according to the author those remaining games will be defeats because we’re CRAP. Well I’m behind the boys this season and the remaining seasons till I die, yes defeats hurt and some fans should be grateful they not Fulham or Leeds United fans.

    • Logan Holmes

      As I wrote in another article today, if Spurs win their remaining games they can set a new record total of points in a season.

      The nature of Spurs defeats to the top-4 teams when they were out-classed and capitulated has made it a very poor and disappointing season. As you, Spurs have beaten teams similar to those they will play in the next 6 games but it was not with a flourish or style that we expect from our team – Crystal and Cardiff could easily have won at WHL, Spurs were that poor.

      The results against the top-4 team has made it seem like we’re back in the bad old days in the late 90s and early 2000s when playing them was a matter of trying to avoid embarrassing defeats which we simply couldn’t even manage this year, having spent £100m in the summer with expectations of a top-4 finish and even an outside chance of a challenge for the title (that’s what we were told was Tottenham’s objective for the season).

      As Daniel Levy admits we’ve fallen short.

    • Alan Hill

      I so hope you prove to be right and the team proves me wrong. It has hurt me to write the last few articles. The point is to try and get a reaction out of the players like I have got out of you. Others have commented throughout the season that I have been naïve in staying positive for so long. My concern is that so few of the current squad come across as “the boys” as you call them. Perhaps if they stay and really earn their Spurs…so far some seem self centred and prone to sulk rather than really committed to the team. Tim Sherwood appears to think the same. And yes, I too am Spurs untiI I die.

  • jim

    Still looking forward to Monday, and believe we will win. Adebayor probably back and raring to go.

    • Logan Holmes

      Adebayor returning should help as an attacking threat – gives a focus for midfielders to play to. Looking for 3 points but Sunderland will make it difficult. COYS!