New stadium for Tottenham [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Tottenham Hotspur: New Stadium Could Be Open By 2017

Tottenham Hotspur announced that their new stadium could be open by the summer of 2017 if outstanding issues can be resolved quickly.

In a lengthy financial statement, posted on the club’s website this morning, Tottenham have given some detail of the situation regarding the development of the proposed new stadium.

The Northumberland Development Project has been an on-going process for a number of years and as we know, Spurs have acquired a great deal of land around White Hart Lane to enable the club to build the new stadium. They have so far purchased all of the land needed for the development of the new stadium to replace White Hart Lane except for one property.

The club states that a Public Inquiry was held in April 2013  concerning that property and Tottenham are currently awaiting the decision of the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, on the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

Over the past year Spurs has continued to work on the stadium finance plans with advice from their advisors, N M Rothschild.

If a decision regarding the CPO is reached in the near future and as long as the other ‘major challenges associated with the stadium are manageable’, the club expects to be putting the construction work out to tender later this year with the target date for completion and the opening of the new stadium being the summer of 2017.

Tottenham are working closely with the Government, the Greater London Authority and Haringey Council, to deliver the regeneration of Tottenham by creating jobs and improved facilities in the area.

There have been many delays and diversions on this lengthy journey towards a new stadium and hopefully Tottenham will be given the green light soon to enable the project to proceed.

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  • jim

    The news from Spurs was encouraging, to an extent.
    Was unclear to me whether 2017 date was complete stadium, or partial stadium(if that’s actually possible).
    Seem to be at least 2 main obstacles -
    Completing the site acquisition, if the CPO appeal goes against Spurs. Presumably very large ransom strip payment.
    Securing a temporary ground or grounds, either to speed up the construction of the new stadium, or because playing at WHL and then the partially built ground is not actually practical.
    These are pretty big challenges if Spurs are to have their new stadium by 2017.

    • Logan Holmes

      2017 seems a very tight time schedule for completion especially as the projected date for going out to tender is only given as ‘late this year’. We need the decision on the CPO asap.

      Read that Spurs tried to buy Upton Park for the year but WHU wouldn’t do business. The original idea of playing at WHL with all the work going on around the ground seems impractical.

      • jim

        Govt may need to help if they want the Tottenham area regeneration to go ahead -
        Allow the CPO, it’s not just about a football stadium.
        Allow Spurs to play at the OS for a year or two. Not sure West Ham have exclusive use. May have to reduce their rent to get them on side.

  • jim

    See the latest idea maybe big games at Wembley or OS, with smaller games at somewhere like MK Dons(or maybe vacant Coventry City stadium).