Tottenham Hotspur On This Day: Controversial Goal In Spurs Win

Tottenham Hotspur on this Day

2nd April, 1952

Tottenham Hotspur 1 Huddersfield Town 0

Scorer: Duquemin

This Tottenham win sits alongside the Mendes ‘no goal’ game at Old Trafford and the ‘goal’ in the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea for controversy. On this occasion, however, Spurs benefited from the referee’s controversial and incorrect decision.

Pedro Mendes 'goal' at OT. [Photo: Alan Hill]

Pedro Mendes ‘goal’ at OT. [Photo: Alan Hill]

The controversy surrounded the only goal scored by Len Duquemin and it added to Huddersfield’s problems as they tried to avoid relegation. With only a minute remaining, the lowest attendance of the season saw an amazing goal awarded to Spurs.

$(KGrHqN,!k8FBmuFecDDBQtm361w6!~~60_35From a corner taken by Eddie Baily, the ball hit the referee and rebounded to Baily who immediately centred for Duquemin to head the only goal of the game. The goal should have been disallowed because Baily had played the ball twice without another player touching it. The referee and linesman consulted but the goal was given.

After the game Huddersfield appealed to the Football League but the result had to stand and they were relegated at the end of the season. They weren’t relegated because of the point they were denied at White Hart Lane but the decision going against them when they were battling against relegation, needing every point, must have affected their morale and confidence for the final few games.

Perhaps, the Mendes ‘no goal’ was pay back time for Spurs. They do say that decisions even themselves out – eventually!

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