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In Face Of Adversity Tottenham Fans Turned To Humour

Having experienced so many embarrassing defeats this season, Tottenham fans in the face of adversity sought solace and refuge in humour following Spurs defeat by Liverpool at Anfield.

The normal reaction after a heavy loss has been for Tottenham fans to take to Twitter and message boards blaming all and sundry, including Chirpy, for Spurs defeat.

On Twitter there were the usual reflections on the match but few had been confident of the game ending any differently than it turned out.

Rich (@richierabs) tweeted:

There is no disgrace in losing to Liverpool at the moment. But our attitude today has been abysmal. Such a disappointment.

As Robbie Braham (@BrahamRobbie) tweeted:

Back Of The Net (@Back_OfTheNet) expressed sympathy for the long suffering Tottenham supporters, saying,

I feel sorry for Tottenham and their great fans. A good traditional club who deserve better than these embarrassing results.

yido75 (@craigalmondyido) apportioned blame around those at the top.

Barrie (@B9Barrie) was not impressed with Jan Vertonghen

Vertonghen has clearly had enough. Be surprised if we ever see him wearing our colours again tbh.

and neither was THFC Pat (@patrockoscully) who tweeted,

The football journalist, Greg Stobart (@gstobart) commented, identifying the many problems at Tottenham,

Too many average players, poorly balanced squad, manager not good enough, no playing identity…


Many Spurs fans passed the hours following Sunday’s defeat, taking solace in humour with rumours flying around of fights in the dressing room after the game and that Tim Sherwood had punched a player and been dismissed. Aaron Lennon and Roberto Soldado referred to these rumours in subsequent tweets, denying that any such events had occurred.

Ergo (@SniersMoregut) reflected on the unifying effect of the humour in the thousands of tweets which were posted in the immediate aftermath of the game.

There was a wonderful sense of unifying comedy last night. gallows.

Robert (@bbqbobs) tweeted on the current situation,

Neil Lux_ Spurs (@deluxie) like many had his version of the Tottenham ‘fight’, tweeting,

Soldado tried to punch Sherwood but missed and ended up hitting Dawson, who couldn’t even defend himself

Jake Colton (@JColts1) tweeted,

Reference was made to the ever absent Erik Lamela in many tweets.

Dan McGuire (@dan_mcg) tweeted,

This quote really tickled me: “We can’t sack Tim Sherwood, he’s the only one who knows where Erik Lamela is buried”.

Gra-V-B (@graeme130287) tweeted,

Ian Twichen (@BaileyTwitch) tweet:

Breaking News: Tim Sherwood sacked but wants full custody of Bentaleb.

The final comment is left to another under pressure manager, which was tweeted by The Beast (@BeastOfSpurs)

Tottenham fans at Anfield – Let’s Pretend we scored a goal


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