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Reaction Of Tottenham Players To Aftermath Of Game At Liverpool

The Tottenham players didn’t speak to the press after the defeat at Liverpool but there has been some comment and reaction on Twitter to the rumours following the match.

After a match some of the the Tottenham players usually speak to the press and the SpursTV with the comments being posted on the club’s @SpursOfficial Twitter account. Yesterday, however, none of the players spoke to the media as Ben Pearce, the reporter for tweeted.

He also tweeted that the players had been in the changing room for some considerable time, reporting,

Players were in the dressing room for a long time this evening. Some of them have only just emerged and got onto the coach.

Some players later made comment on Twitter to the afternoon events which included a meltdown on Twitter with rumours of a fight in the dressing room, that the manager had hit a player and had been dismissed. None of which has been confirmed by any source.

Aaron Lennon referred to this in his tweet, as well as commenting on the display against Liverpool. he tweeted,

Today was not good enough and we let everyone down,but the rumours about the boss hitting someone are bollocks,crazy how powerful twitter is.

Roberto Soldado who had a frustrating afternoon at Anfield and had to go off in the final minutes with an injury was reported by @AddictedtoSpurs. tweeted on the fight rumours,

 Rumours do not benefit at all, and everything that has been said is absolutely false!

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