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Who Earned Their Tottenham 'Spurs' At Liverpool?

Tottenham have again performed poorly against a top team with players showing little inclination to battle for the team. Who deserved some credit for their display at Liverpool?

It’s always difficult after a heavy defeat to see any positives and we have unfortunately suffered such agonies too often this season. Please help me maintain the record for the season of the players’ performances in each game by indicating which of the 14 players who played at Anfield is deserving of some credit for their efforts. As with the games where Spurs suffered a heavy defeat, I will include the ‘No-one’ option.

A player who did little wrong was Hugo Lloris. He once again played bravely with little thought for his own safety as he came out to meet Liverpool’s on-rushing players. The French international captain must be looking forward to the World Cup finals where his defence will provide him with some cover. Once again individual errors contributed to Liverpool goals, giving Lloris no chance.

Christian Eriksen tried to put bring some creativity to the Tottenham play with his passing and attempts at goal. Unfortunately, his slowness to react in the opening minute allowed Johnson to put in the cross which led to the opening goal. From then on it was all Liverpool and it wasn’t going to be Eriksen’s day.

The one positive which might come from the defeat is a realisation that change is needed at Spurs as we can’t go on like this with players showing little application or appetite for the game.

Who Earned their Spurs at Liverpool?

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Who Earned Their Tottenham 'Spurs' at Liverpool?

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