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Arsene Wenger 1000th Game As Arsenal Manager Was So Spurs-esque In Nature

Congratulations to Arsene Wenger who celebrated his 1000th game as Arsenal manager against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge today – it was Spurs-esque in nature.

Arsene Wenger celebrated his 1000th game in charge at Arsenal in style – 6 goals and a capitulation which was so truly Spurs-esque in its nature on such a momentous occasion.

During his time at Arsenal Wenger has enjoyed considerable, much-begrudged by every Tottenham fan, success. 1000 games is an amazing achievement while most Tottenham managers struggle to last 100 games.

Arsenal are so keen to copy Tottenham that in their history they have followed Spurs in so many ways:
  • Moved into north London
  • Copied Spurs with a League and Cup ‘Double’ – 10 years after Spurs 1960-61 success
  • Won a European trophy – 6 years after Tottenham’s 1962-63 European Cup Winners’ Cup triumph

Last weekend, ahead of the north London derby, the press were already looking forward to Wenger’s 1000th game in charge even thought the game at White Hart Lane was only the 999th game. Spurs never like to be party-poopers so obligingly allowed Arsenal and Arsene to enjoy their moment in the White Hart Lane sun. This allowed Arsenal to fall into a false sense of security as they prepared for the match at Stamford Bridge.

It has transpired that Tim Sherwood’s post-match assessment of Arsenal was correct. His comments were reported in The Telegraph,

I think we were better than them. The result for Arsenal will paper over a lot of cracks. They were outplayed. Credit to them but we out-played them.

He also added that they were title-contenders but that looks unlikely after the 6-goal defeat by Chelsea.

What a way to mark a special game – capitulation and conceding 6 goals in a London derby – that’s the sort of result that Tottenham have an unfortunate habit of producing on special occasions – there’s all the build-up and then the bitter disappointment. Which must be how Wenger and the fans are feeling right now as Jose Mourinho enjoys his moment with the biggest league win of his time at Chelsea.

I really hadn’t expected Arsenal to follow so closely in Tottenham’s footsteps on this occasion.

Congratulations – Arsene Wenger – 1000 games is a remarkable achievement. COYS!

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