Jermain Defoe gets a great send-off. [Photo: Logan Holmes]

The Tottenham Quiz: Jermain Defoe

The Tottenham quiz returns after a couple of week’s absence due to computer issues with a very belated farewell to Jermain Defoe who kicked off his MLS career with FC Toronto by scoring two goals against Seattle Sounders last weekend.

This week’s quiz focuses on Jermain Defoe. Fourteen questions to test your knowledge on the former Spurs striker who served the club for nine seasons. There are 24 points to be earned with the answers being found at the link to the question.

Tottenham Quiz – Jermain Defoe

1.  With which League club did Jermain Defoe start his career as a schoolboy?  (1 point)  Answer

2.  As a young professional he made the headlines while on loan at which club?  (1 point)  Answer

3.  On signing for Tottenham against which club did he make a scoring debut?  (1 point)  Answer

4.  Defoe scored one hat-trick for England. Against which country did he achieve this feat?  (1 point)  Answer

5.  He scored 5 hat-tricks for Tottenham in all competitions. Which teams did he score them against?   (5 points)  Answer

6.  Who was the Tottenham manager when Defoe was transferred to Portsmouth?  (1 point)  Answer

7.  In Spurs 2010 Champions League season, he scored two goals in an away tie against which team?  (1 point)  Answer

8.  Against which club did Jermain score the 200th goal of his club career?  (1 point)  Answer

9. In November, 2010 Defoe scored 5 second half goals against Wigan Athletic at White Hart Lane. As part of that he scored a hat-trick in how many minutes?  (1 point)  Answer

10.  Jermain Defoe is Tottenham’s record goalscorer in European games. Against which team did he break the record?  (1 point)  Answer

11. How many goals did he score in Europe and whose record did he beat?  (2 points)  Answer

12.  Jermain also holds the record for the highest number of goals scored as a substitute in the Premier League. How many did he score when coming off the bench?  (1 point)  Answer

13.  He is 5th on Tottenham’s all-time goalscoring list. How many goals did he score for Spurs in all competitions and who did he score his last goal against?  (2 points)  Answer

14.  Who are the 4 players who are ahead of Defoe on Spurs’ list of record goalscorers and who is immediately behind him?  (5 points)  Answer

How did you get on?




The answers can be found at the links in the question.



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